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Interesting resources to learn spanish online

Can an online teacher help me prepare for an interview in Spanish?

The answer is yes, but read on and let us explain why.  Maybe you are here because you are also one of the 99.9% of the population who state that they have an "average level of Spanish" on their CV and you regret it when it's time for the interview in English. Don't worry, you probably know more Spanish than you think you do, you just need to be confident and prepare for your job interview in Spanish with a suitable teacher. The best o...
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How to prepare for a job interview in Spanish?

Maybe moving to another country or getting a job in a foreign company are your next goals, or maybe you have simply applied for a job in a company that requires a minimum level of Spanish and you have to demonstrate your language skills. Whatever your situation, what is clear is that you are going to have to face a job interview in another language and you need to be as prepared as possible. The best way to prepare for a job interview in another...
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How to learn to speak Spanish fluently

One of the best parts of studying Spanish is to see how you gradually become more proficient, you know more vocabulary, it takes you less time to process what they are saying when they speak to you in Spanish, and you even manage to speak faster, without needing to stop and think sentence by sentence.  The most common method used to classify your level of English is the system established by the Common European Framework of Reference for La...
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Spanish conversation classes, online or face-to-face?

One thing that is clear to all of us by now is that it is essential to know another language if you don't want to be left behind. In the 21st century, it is rare to find someone who is not fluent in another language.   Spanish is one of the most widely spoken and studied languages in the world and, as much as we would like to, we cannot run away from it, so "If you can't beat them, join them". In fact, our aim is that you don't perceiv...
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6 ideas for learning spanish online with your family

When our children start school, parents want them to learn as much as possible. In a world as globalised as the one we live in, languages are a fundamental part of that learning. Schools teach Spanish as an official language and Spanish as a foreign language, but what they learn at school is not enough. We can always help the little ones at home with other ways to improve their Spanish.  Booking online Spanish classes for kids is a safe bet...
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5 tips to help your child learn spanish online

It has always been said that learning a new lenguage is much easier when you are young and we confirm this theory.  Learning a second language will give your child many more advantages than you think, as it will not only influence their professional life, but it will help them build more self-confidence and stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain, where language and logical thinking are developed. In this article we bring you 5 ways to h...
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How to learn grammar and spelling with online Spanish classes

New technologies have many benefits that we all know and appreciate. But it also has cons and one of them is that with the use of communication platforms such as Whatsapp, whether we want to or not, we make more spelling mistakes. In fact, there are studies that prove it. It is very normal because we use it as instant messaging and that means speed. Especially young people: the vast majority are not going to check if they are writing correctly. ...
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15 typical job interview questions in Spanish

We will all have to face a job interview at some point. It's an important moment, but don't be nervous, you're sure to get through it. In order to get through a job interview in Spanish, it is very important to know the vocabulary of the professional field well and, above all, to make our Spanish as natural as possible. By knowing the language well, we have a lot to gain. What is the best way to get ready? With Classgap's online Spanish lessons....
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What online spanish classes are like for primary school children

With the current situation, the advantages of online classes for children have taken precedence over face-to-face classes. Teachers have adapted to new technologies and have started to embrace the exciting world of online learning. If you decide that online spanish classes for children are the best option for your child, you will discover the benefits of online learning. You will find that it is very similar to face-to-face classes but with a sc...
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Why is learning Spanish more difficult than learning English?

Spanish is one of the languages that belong to the Romance language family, so learning Spanish for a native French or Italian speaker is much easier than for an English speaker. Although it may come as a surprise, English and Spanish are not so different, since both belong to the Indo-European language family, they are more similar than they may seem at first glance. The richness of the Spanish language is immense and for this very reason, the ...
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How do online Spanish classes work?

Staying at home is not necessarily a synonym of boredom and apathy. This is an opportunity to open your windows, clean your house, cook your favorite meal, and learn a new language. It is the perfect time to invest in yourself and in your personal growth. Furthermore, it’s now easier than ever thanks to all the new technologies. Learn from your bed, sofa, or your desk. ¿Who cares? The only important thing is that you choose online education.&nbs...
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¿What's the best way to learn Spanish online?

This goes to all Spanish students out there. In this day and age, a new way of learning is possible. Modern technologies have accomplished something that wasn’t possible before. You can now learn from your cozy room at home, from a coffee shop in another country, or even from the bus or train on your way back from work. The where is now irrelevant. We should ask ourselves how?  The possibilities are endless and it’s a matter of whether you ...
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How to learn Spanish online

Do you want to learn Spanish? This is the ultimate guide to all the different ways to learn Spanish online. We've listed all the methods available and we've selected the pros and cons for each of them.  The following options are not exclusive. As a student, you should try different methods but don’t stick to only one. For example, if you only play videogames it’s going to be hard to practice your speaking and gain fluency. Complement it w...
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Basic and common phrases in Spanish for beginners

So… Are you studying Spanish? Or are you about to visit a Spanish-speaking country? Well, you can’t do either of these things without knowing a few of the most common phrases in this language.  Remember! These common phrases should not act as a substitute for any kind of formal education. They are patches to solve specific situations where not knowing the language may get you in trouble or cause a minor inconvenience. However, you sho...
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