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Online French tutors

Learn or improve your French with affordable online French classes, you'll learn at your pace with the help of a private tutor.
Choose your perfect teacher between thousands of online French teachers from all over the world.

$18 /h 20 minute trial lesson






Hello, I'm a Native teacher graduated in French as a Foreign Language and I have got experience in Hight schools, Universities and particular classes...

$22 /h 20 minute trial lesson

5.0 Featured Teacher




DILF, DFP, Vocabulary, Legal French, Writing

Diplômé de Sciences Po Lyon et de la faculté de droit de Versailles, j'ai été la plume de plusieurs personnalités politiques et chefs d'entreprises, c...

$16 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Business French, Vocabulary, Grammar, Job interview preparation, Conversation

Bonjour, Je donne des cours particuliers de français depuis plus de 25 ans. Ma technique , c'est essayer d'adapter le cours aux besoins de l'étudian...

$22 /h 20 minute trial lesson

5.0 Featured Teacher




DELF, DALF, Conversation, Colloquial French, Phonetics

✨ Hello, I am French, native of the north of France. I have been a private French teacher online for more than 10 years ✨ You will learn French with a...

$19 /h 20 minute trial lesson






Diplômé d'un Master en Management International et ancien élève du Lycée Français de Madrid, bilingue Français/Espagnol je donne des cours d'espagnol....

$14 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Vocabulary, DELF, Grammar, DALF, Conversation

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Arnaud Le Prof, je prépare une Thèse en Sociologie, je suis diplômé Bac+5 en Sciences Humaines et Sociales de l'Université d'Ai...

$16 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Vocabulary, DELF, Grammar, Conversation, Colloquial French

Le contenu des classe est intuitif et personnalisé aux besoins de l'élève. ...

$18 /h 20 minute trial lesson






I adapt my classes to each student, depending on their level, needs and goals. My classes are very dynamic and fun. I think it is important for my st...

$18 /h 20 minute trial lesson

5.0 Featured Teacher




Vocabulary, DELF, Grammar, Job interview preparation, Conversation

French classes by native teacher, with 20 years of experience. Seriousness, professionalism, and good humor. I adapt to the needs of the student. Conv...

$22 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Business French, DELF, Grammar, Job interview preparation, DALF

Hello everyone!! Learn fast with me!! NATIVE teacher from Pau, France, I prepare and teach DYNAMIC French classes for CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS and ADULT...

$11 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor


Ahmed M.


Business French, Vocabulary, Job interview preparation, Conversation, Phonetics

Regarding the sessions, I adapt myself to your French level and your objectives, we will mainly practice French conversation classes where you can dis...

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Frequently asked questions about online French classes

💰How much do online French lessons cost?

One of the decisive points for learning a language, such as French, can be the price. To start a course, first of all you need to know how much you are going to have to invest in order to evaluate the cost. This is an important aspect for many people who need to learn French, especially for those who decide to continue with classes in academies. Generally, academies or face-to-face classes will have a much higher cost than virtual classes. This is because, when the meeting between tutor and student is physical, there are many more expenses associated: transportation, rent or purchase of the space where the class is going to be held, the necessary materials such as a blackboard or a project... All this is reflected in the total costs that the student must pay. However, in the online mode, the price of online French classes is usually much lower. At Classgap, for example, a one-hour lesson with an online French tutor can vary, depending on the tutor's experience, the level of online French he/she teaches and whether he/she specializes in a particular field. For example, the average price of an online French lesson is between 15 and 20 € per hour. However, the price of a specialized online French tutor can vary a bit more. As you can see, the budget needed to attend online French classes is usually much lower compared to the prices proposed by the academies and other specialized schools. In addition to having a much lower price, it is interesting to note that you will not need a very long travel time: if you wish, you can attend online French classes from your own home. As long as you have the necessary equipment and material to attend the class, of course. But, the truth is that with a device that has a camera and can connect to the Internet, plus the same connection, you can enjoy your French lessons online. When it comes to learning French online without requiring much, this becomes more than relevant, as our goal is to make languages and training available to everyone. So, with affordable online French lessons, you will be able to achieve your goals and reach your goals to apply for a better job or to apply for that scholarship from the university that you are longing for to study abroad.

⌛️How long does it take to learn French?

When you start the adventure of learning French online, you are likely to have many questions. One of them may be how long it will take you to learn the language. This will depend greatly on how you want to learn. In addition, you will also have to take into account your goals. That is, there are people who learn a language very quickly because they have the need to know it in a short period of time. However, learning a language takes time and dedication. Much more if you are not in the country where it is spoken. In case you can do a language immersion or an exchange in a country where French is spoken, the learning process will be different, as it will most likely be accelerated. But if you choose to learn French online without having to go too fast, there are some parameters that you can consider. This is a list in which the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) has stipulated the hours of study that are considered necessary to reach a good level of mastery of the language. Thus, to reach level B2 (which is the level at which the student is considered an advanced independent user), according to this reference framework, between 1,000 and 1,200 hours of study and practice must be invested. Another point to take into account is the student's native language. Of course, it is not the same to study Chinese for a Spaniard as it is for a Korean. Because of the simple kinship between the languages, the Korean student will have a much easier time remembering what he or she learns in Chinese than the Spanish student. In order to learn faster, you can always contact an online French tutor to help you with your planning. This way, you will also be able to save the travel time that is so tiring and invest those moments in studying French online. You will enjoy online French lessons in which the teacher will know very well how to help you. On the other hand, to learn faster and complement your online French lessons, you can also try to include it more often in your life. Try reading books and consuming content in French to reinforce your reading comprehension. You can also listen to French podcasts and music that will help you improve your listening skills and get more out of your online French lessons.

📚 Where to study French online?

Starting to study French is a big step towards reaching your goals and achieving your objectives. Maybe you need to learn French to have a better chance of getting a better position or job, maybe you simply study it because you would like to be able to speak it. Whatever the reason, learning French, like any other language, is something that requires time and dedication. However, having to take transportation to get to the academy or having to walk half an hour to get to the classroom can be a time-consuming habit. But there are online French classes, those with which you can study without having to move or travel. If you don't want to, of course. However, as much as you can study French online from the comfort of your own home, you might be wondering where to study French online. It is true that, especially in recent times, there have been many academies that have modernized or started to offer online French classes. However, this type of training tends to be rigid, usually follows an inflexible structure and is not personalized. Another option for learning French is to look for online French tutors. Maybe you can find them online or you know someone who can offer you French lessons online. But most likely you will depend on external tools whose effectiveness cannot be controlled. That's why you can study French online at Classgap - it's very easy! You can simply take the test and find the right teacher for your level and goals. Once you have agreed with your online French tutor, you can set up a schedule that suits you both. The best thing is that you can use our virtual classroom. The virtual classroom is a space that we put at the disposal of the student and the tutor so that the online French classes can be carried out in an optimal way. We take care of its maintenance, so you don't have to worry about its efficiency. Moreover, after the lesson you can download the necessary documents and study for the next online French lesson. In addition to the virtual classroom, studying with an online French tutor from Classgap assures you of a quality that other portals or centers cannot promise. So don't hesitate to write to your online French tutor today! You can set up an interview to meet him or her and find out how to continue your French lessons online.

🤔Do online French lessons work?

If you are considering starting to study or continue learning French, you may have heard about online French classes in your search. They are the same classes as always, but they are taught in a different way. In order to participate in them, all you need is a device with a camera that can connect to the internet, as well as a connection. These classes, as the name suggests, are conducted over the Internet. You can choose a tutor, the one you think is the most suitable for you, after having taken a level test, and you can arrange for online French lessons. When you start them, you will see how effective they are. This is because: The tutor focuses on you and adapts to your needs. With an online French tutor all to yourself, you can explain your goals and he will adapt the course to your level so that you keep progressing in an enjoyable way and learning as much as possible. You don't have to be on the move all the time. This is a very important point, because having to spend, for example, half an hour to get to the language center robs you of precious time that you could spend studying French online. Not to mention the additional transportation costs. You can practice more. Maybe you think that in a group class you can talk to your classmates and practice a lot. But the truth is that you can't always do it, because it's not your turn or because the teacher doesn't allow it. In online French classes you will always have the freedom to talk as much as you want with your online French tutor. These are just some of the reasons that reinforce that online French lessons work, very well. The fact that your tutor can adapt the lesson to your schedule and provide you with the material you need to achieve your goals already makes online French lessons very beneficial. However, it will also depend on the student, because to get the most out of online French lessons you need perseverance, practice and patience. These three ingredients will make your lessons really successful. In addition, you can always complement your online French lessons on your own: you can read books and consume content that is in French, as well as listen to a podcast on topics that interest and motivate you. Also, don't forget to talk as much as you can with your online French tutor. This way, you will see how you get even more out of your online French lessons.

👨🏻‍🏫What is an online French tutor?

An online French tutor is a person who can help you with your online French lessons. Generally, they are native speakers or speakers of the language who have studied it for many years and are qualified to be able to help you in your task of reaching a specific level. There are also online French tutors who have specific training in education. On the other hand, there are people who have been in a profession for a long time and can speak French, so they have decided to teach French online on the subject they are proficient in. An example would be a company director who teaches French for business. If you are considering studying French online, one of the first steps you should take, along with taking a placement test, is to find a tutor who can help you. To do this, here are some tips that may help you: 1.Make a list of tutors who fit you. Then, check their experience. If you need someone to teach you how to speak business French, you may find someone with that experience. Set up an interview. This way you will know if the online French tutor is interested in teaching you. Also, in the interview you can ask him/her all the questions you consider necessary. 3. Check the opinions of other students that he/she has had. This is a very important step, because you don't want to meet someone from whom you can't learn anything. By reading the reviews left by other students you can get an idea of what a lesson with the online French tutor is like and you can evaluate whether or not to continue considering him or her. Ask for a free first online French lesson. Many tutors will agree to make that first online lesson free, as they also want to know if they feel comfortable teaching you. And, in your case, you will be able to see how the online French tutor teaches and how it feels to you. With this experience it will be much easier for you to choose. Don't be afraid to write to an online French tutor. They want to help you and you want to learn. In addition, having an online French tutor for you will allow you to practice much more than if you went to an academy and ask all the questions you need to ask. 6.Remember that Classgap's online French tutors will adapt to your level so that your online French lesson experience is a quality one. Write to your online French tutor today!

French lessons online

What are the benefits of learning French?

French, for many, is the most romantic language in the world. It is one of the most spoken languages on the planet and, in addition, it has a very rich lexicon. French and Spanish have many points in common, such as their origin, Latin. There are many French words that we have adopted in our vocabulary, such as: souvenir, cliché, deja vu, beige, boulevard or croissant, among others. Therefore, learning French for a Spanish person is not so difficult, since we share the same influences. Studying French has many advantages, it will help you grow both personally and professionally. This language has more than 200 million speakers worldwide. It is the official language of countries such as France, Canada, Belgium and many of the former colonies on the African continent that gained independence from France in the 20th century. With this new language on your resume, you will be able to connect with many people around the world. Learning French with a tutor will make learning French much easier. Starting from 0 will not be so complicated, you will see how its similarities with Spanish will help you to pick up the pace. In addition, new generations learn more languages at school, to avoid being left behind, you must complement your curriculum. Languages are a key point for access to the labor market. It will help you to develop your professional career. In addition, French is the official language of many international organizations such as the Red Cross, the UN, the IMF or the European Union. We all know that Paris is the main French-speaking city, but we must take into account that all the cities that are the headquarters of the European institutions are French-speaking: Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Brussels. We all love to travel, and what better way to get to know a place than learning its language, this way, you will not miss anything and you will be able to soak up its culture. If you travel to a French-speaking country, you will be able to communicate better with the locals and put your knowledge into practice. What better way to complement your learning than to travel!

Taking French lessons online step by step

First of all, once you have decided to start learning French, you will need to take your computer, tablet, smartphone or whatever device you prefer to teach your classes. Search, among the wide range of tutors offered by Classgap, for the one that best suits your profile. You will see that there are bilingual tutors and native speakers. In addition, they teach from the most basic to the most advanced levels. When the class starts, make sure you have a conditioned space so you can be centered. Plug in your headphones and check that you can hear well and that your microphone is working. Avoid, as much as possible, interferences and sound problems so as not to hinder the development of the class. To learn a language, it is very important that the connection works well and that there are no faults that may hinder your understanding. The tutor will choose the best tool to offer you a good experience. In the virtual classroom you will find everything you need to adapt to the online classes. Through the virtual whiteboard or the presentation that the tutor shares with you during the class, you will be able to follow the content in a more visual way. In case you want to focus on pronunciation and fluent speech practice, you will only need to rely on the video call to be able to establish a conversation. In order to make sure that your choice of tutor is the right one for you, Classgap offers a 20-minute free trial where you can talk and get to know the person you have selected better and see if he or she fits your parameters. In addition, to make things easier for you, Classgap offers all the services you need, from the virtual classroom to a secure payment tool.

Which tutor best suits my needs?

There are many reasons to start learning French. Depending on your objectives, there are teachers who will adapt better and help you carry them out. In order to choose the best teacher, you must be clear about the reasons why you want to start. There are many reasons to learn this language and depending on yours, there will be who best suits your goals. 1. For work reasons: speaking French can open many windows for you in the international job market. If your goal is to find a job in a French-speaking country or you simply want to add this language to your resume, your best option is a native teacher. It will help you with the pronunciation and the most important vocabulary for you to function in the workplace. In addition, most European and international institutions have French as their official language. If you want to start a diplomatic career it is very important that you have French in your history. 2. In order to pass the official exam: the official French exam equivalent to B2 is the Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF). Its structure is similar to that of other official exams: written comprehension, oral comprehension, written expression and oral expression. For a good preparation, it would be advisable to be able to teach classes with a native teacher who will help you with the most important concepts that you must know about French in order to be ready on exam day. In this case, a bilingual teacher can also be very useful to us, they are sure that they know the official exams well and can help you a lot when it comes to studying and assimilating what is most relevant to passing the test. 3. Due to personal concerns: Traveling or getting educated are usually the reasons why people are interested in French. Cooking, fashion, theater, dance or architecture are some of the arts in which the French language has a great influence. In addition, if you travel to France or other French-speaking countries, you will be able to soak up their culture and not miss a single detail, since you will master the basics of their language. A bilingual teacher can be of great help. It will show you the French language from 0 and the most relevant aspects of it so that you can function in the most comfortable and safe way. If you already have your objectives clear and you know which teacher will best suit them, find it on Classgap. In the wide range of verified teachers, surely there is the one that best suits you and your needs. Start with French and meet your teacher right now.