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Increase your income teaching what you love

Get paid to help people learn a new language or subject. Start teaching your favorite subjects now.

Teach what you are passionate about.

You decide your own rate.

Nothing but advantages
  • It’s free

    Signing up to Classgap is free of charge

  • Choose subjects

    Over 100 languages and subjects to choose from

  • You set the price

    You will decide what you want to earn per lesson

  • Get paid

    We will manage everything. From charging the student to paying you what you have accumulated to your bank account or paypal

  • Teach from anywhere

    Beach, mountain, sofa... teach from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

  • Get reviews

    Your profile as a teacher will gain reputation with each review from your lessons

  • 100% Flexible, no obligations

    Become your own boss.
    You decide your availability and if you need to stop to rest

  • An innovative platform

    Videoconference, digital whiteboard, collaborative edition, screenshare, simultaneous videos...
    An awesome virtual classroom!

  • We are here to help

    Our team will be at your side every step of the way

They started like you

English teacher

I already have more than 15 students, and I keep getting more each week. It’s great being your own boss and make a living out of teaching!

José Antonio
Programming teacher

Since a year ago, I’ve been studying at university and teaching online at the same time.
This extra income is helping me cope with my university fees.

English teacher

I love travelling and I’ve lived in different places, I’ve been a teacher for more than 5 years and always felt sad about having to leave my students.
Now that doesn’t happen as I can teach from anywhere I want!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I publish my profile?
    It’s very important to fill in all the required data on your profile. This way new students will get more information about you: presentation, subjects taught, experience, photos, hobbies, availability, etc.
  • How do students contact me?
    They have different ways to contact you:

    1-. Sending you a message from your profile page, asking you more information about your lessons before they book one with you.

    2-. Booking a 20 minute trial interview, only if you have this feature activated in your personal area (highly recommended to get a greater number of students).

    3-. Booking a complete lesson (paid).

    In any of these escenarios you'll be noticed through email or via an APP notificaction (you need to download the Classgap APP).
  • Where can I fill in my payment information?
    Download our APP to choose how you want to receive the payments. You can choose between:

    - Bank transfer
    - PayPal
  • How much money will I earn for each lesson?

    Tutors will be the ones who decide their rate per hour. When a lesson is done, CLASSGAP will obtain a percentage of this rate. Such percentage will vary depending on whether the booking is directly done through the tutor or through CLASSGAP's website and/or one of their affiliates:

    1. Through the Tutor: CLASSGAP will obtain a percentage of 10% of the price set by the tutor when the booking comes from their own channels, through a link provided to that effect.

    2. Through CLASSGAP or our affiliates: CLASSGAP will obtain a variable percentage depending on how many teaching hours the tutor and the students have done and the total lessons the tutor has taught using CLASSGAP. Find below how it works:

    First 50 h.
    +50 h.
    +250 h.
    Commission 20% 15% 13%

    We will apply a minimum of 1,25€ per hour.

    All of the above given percentages include all the services offered by Classgap, including:
    - Student payment costs by: credit or debit card, Paypal...
    - Virtual classroom with all the available features.
    - Tutor payment costs: bank transfer or Paypal.
    We reserve the right to modify at any time the service fees (or to start charging for free services) with the condition that such changes do not have retroactive character to the fees paid before the date of the change.

  • How do I receive payment of the lesson?
    Payments are done at the end of each month. You must have accumulated a minimum of 50 € to receive the money. If you are below this threshold, your balance will be acumulated until you reach 50 €.
  • How do you do the classes?
    All the lessons are conducted online, using our advanced virtual classroom.

    You only need a computer or a tablet with a webcam and microphone, you should connect through Google Chrome.