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Daniel D.


Mail, Excel, Browsers, Power Point, Operating System

$ 11-18 /h free interview



Martin W.

United States

Computer Software

Hi, My name is Martin W. and live in Malaga, Spain I have vast experience as teacher in many levels...

$ 15-21 /h free interview




Excel, Word

IT professional with 11+ years of experience and C++ expertise. I offer lessons to students and prof...

$ 43-61 /h free interview



Mail, Excel, Power Point, Word

I'm a student of computer and software engineering, i'm a tutor of programming and math at my univer...

$ 9-15 /h free interview


Victor P.



$ 15-24 /h free interview




Excel, Word, Power Point

$ 17-24 /h free interview


Cristina M.


Acces, Excel, Word

English teacher online. Who am I? Hi, I’m Cristina, your new teacher and coach online so that you ...

$ 17-24 /h free interview




Mail, Excel, Browsers, Power Point, Operating System

Hello, my name is Luis Medina, I am a systems engineer graduated since 2012. I have worked for more ...

$ 12-20 /h free interview





Hi there! This is a civil engineer who loves teaching. I´ve got training abroad, teaching to student...

$ 10-16 /h free interview


Andres B.


Excel, Acces

$ 17-23 /h free interview




Excel, Acces

The daily work of analysis and data processing can be greatly enhanced with the help of the Visual B...

$ 11-18 /h free interview

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