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828 lessons

Teaches: Spanish Literature

Teacher with several years working as a spanish teacher in high school offers lessons

Spanish teacher offers spanish classes in order to improve or practice your spanish level. Conversation, grammar, whatever you need. You can select a...

$9 /h
Free 20 min. trial


South Africa

New Tutor

Teaches: Natural sciences

Well trained English and Natural science tutor with over five years of experience.

Hello, I am Nontuthuko Conco and I am student currently doing my bachelors degree in education. The subjects I teach are English, Natural Science , ma...

$16 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Victoria Featured


163 lessons

Teaches: Spanish Literature, Social sciences

Licenciada en Comunicación Social y Profesora de Lengua Castellana y Literatura. Especialista en NEE (Necesidades Educativas Especiales) con Máster en Educación Inclusiva. Correctora de estilo, redacción y ortotipografía: TFG/TFM/TESIS. Trabajo como docente hace más de 10 años, tanto en nivel universitario como secundario común y de adultos. Además, corrijo y escribo trabajos como monografías, TFG, TFM y TESIS. Soy especialista en asignaturas vinculadas a las Ciencias Sociales (comunicación, antropología, sociología, filosofía) y a Lengua Castellana y Literatura, en las que acompaño alumnos de todas las edades y niveles durante su ciclo lectivo o para la resolución de dudas puntuales. Respecto a Lengua Castellana y Literatura, preparo estudiantes para Selectividad, pruebas de acceso a ciclos formativos y PCE. No dudes en reservar una clase de prueba conmigo para que podamos conocernos y trazar objetivos juntos. Amo dar clases y estaría encantada de compartir este espacio de aprendizaje contigo.

$13 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Miguel Á.


1906 lessons

Teaches: Spanish Literature, Spanish

Keep calm and practise syntax

I teach Spanish Language and Literature and have extensive experience in all areas such of Spanish language and literature and world literature. I spe...

$9 /h
Free 20 min. trial


South Africa

New Tutor

Teaches: Natural sciences

Natural science teacher with 2 years experience and willingly to make extra classes.

Hellow there! my name is Nolina Manyaku, Natural science teacher, I'm studying towards Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and I'm doing y second year ...

$15 /h
Free 20 min. trial

Liam P.


New Tutor

Teaches: Social sciences, Natural sciences

"Unlock Social Insights: Join Enriching Classes to Explore Human Society's Wonders!"

"Welcome to a World of Exploration: Enhancing Your Knowledge Through Engaging Learning!" Greetings! I'm thrilled to introduce myself as a passionate ...

$10 /h
Free 20 min. trial






50 lessons

Teaches: Natural sciences

Bye! I am a university student in the last year of Environmental and Forestry Sciences. I do repetitions of General and Soil Chemistry, Forest Botany,...

$19 /h
Free 20 min. trial






1103 lessons

Teaches: Spanish Literature, Galician

¡Hello! How are you? Nice to meet you. My name is Allouine and I am a language and literature teacher. I studied the Degree in Hispanic Philology at t...

$6 /h
Free 20 min. trial



New Tutor

Teaches: Social sciences, Natural sciences

I have an good knowledge of science, Social science and English subjects.

Hello! I am Shivani rana, English, Science and Social science. I have 5 years of experience teaching online classes to secondary and high school stude...

$15 /h
Free 20 min. trial

Mohammad A.


New Tutor

Teaches: Social sciences, Natural sciences

I have taught Psychology and Neurobiology to A-Level and college students.

I have taught A-Level Psychology for 7 years and taught Bachelor’s-level Psychology and Neurobiology for a year. I am a Fulbright scholar with a Maste...

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Frequently asked questions about academic support classes

💰How much do online academic support classes cost?

The price of online tutoring varies greatly depending on several factors, such as the tutor's experience, their area of expertise, their time flexibility... At Classgap, we have a range of online tutoring tutors to suit all needs and budgets, with prices per hour ranging from 2-10 euros to more than 60 euros per hour.

Of course, each of these price ranges refers to a different level of experience. So, if you need academic support for a High School subject, tutors in a lower price range will be more suitable, but if it's classes to improve on a university subject, the most expensive tutors will tend to be more efficient.

👩‍🏫 How to choose an online tutor for academic support classes?

Although price is a key factor in choosing the ideal tutor for your online tutoring, there are other aspects to consider in order to make the best decision. When a person takes online tutoring, they do so to improve their performance in a specific or several subjects.

This is why it is essential that your tutor is a specialist in the field. Although this is not so important in the case of lower level classes ( Elementary and Secondary), it is the most important factor for Sixth Form and university classes. In addition, there are other aspects to take into account, such as the flexibility of the schedules and the teaching model of the tutor. As we know that it is not always possible to choose the ideal tutoring tutor based on the description, many of our teachers offer a free trial lesson - take it and find the perfect online private tutor for you!

🧑‍🏫 Are there academic support classes for all subjects?

Yes, at Classgap we have a wide range of tutors who specialise in the main subjects, from science to philosophy. We also have teachers who are experienced at different levels of education. This is why, in our teacher grids, you will be able to find a teacher who is an expert in the subject you need and who has previous experience with people at your level of education, from elementary school to university master's degrees. To find the ideal online tutor, all you need to do is use our filters and read their descriptions. Keep in mind that, usually, the higher their hourly rate, the better prepared they are to teach at a higher level.

🏠How do home-based academic support classes work?

All Classgapacademic support classes are conducted within our own Virtual Classroom, via video conferencing. There, you will find a space where you can do online classes with your tutor, where you will be able to share documents, screens and do tests and exercises. You will also be able to book the hours you need within the calendar according to the teacher's availability. You choose how many academic support classes you want to take, although we recommend talking to the teacher during the first lesson to tell him/her about your objectives and let him/her decide how many classes are necessary to achieve them.

👦 How to encourage children to take online academic support classes?

One of the biggest problems when teaching online support classes for children is getting them to be willing and motivated to attend the lessons. Otherwise, although they will attend class, they will not always be able to reach their full potential. The best way to deal with this situation is through a fun and dynamic learning system, where children have fun learning through alternative methods. At Classgap, we have tutors who are specialized in teaching children, tutors who have experience with hands-on learning systems that do not just teach theory. This way, children will enjoy their lessons while learning the concepts they need to pass the most challenging subjects.

Online school support classes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying online?

Some of the advantages of choosing the online format for school support classes are:
- Cost savings: you will save time and money by not having to make unnecessary transfers.
- 100% personalised classes: by not having the class with other children, the teacher's attention will be focused entirely on your son/daughter, who will not have to adapt to a learning pace that is inappropriate for him/her.
- Flexibility: you can do the primary school support classes when and where you want, which will allow you to combine it with other activities.
Some of the disadvantages of doing online tutoring are:
- Lack of interaction with other children: your child will be alone with their teacher, so you will have to encourage their social relationships in other types of extracurricular activities.
- Dependence on technology: they should know how to use the necessary tools to do the class and have basic notions of computers or do the class under the supervision of an adult to help them with these issues.

How many hours should I study per day?

Each child is different and has different abilities; it may take 3 hours of study to understand a maths exercise, compared to an English exercise in which they only have to spend 1 hour. In this case it is important to detect in time which are the strong points and the subjects that cause more problems to the little ones.
Depending on their needs you should set aside 1 or 2 hours a week for their primary school support classes, the important thing is to set a routine that the child feels comfortable with that will help them to create a study habit that is right for them.

What are school support classes?

Classgap's school support classes are the best way to help your children reinforce the knowledge they acquire at school, thanks to the primary school support classes they will be able to keep up in class and pass all those subjects they are struggling a little bit more. With online support classes they will gain confidence in themselves and improve their academic results in the short term.