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Online Physics tutors

Start your online physics lessons now and pass any exam with the help of a private tutor. Choose from the best qualified tutors, all ready to help you reaching your goals.

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£14 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Philip Featured

United States

74 lessons

Teaches: Physics

Electrical circuits Basic Physics

Hello, my name is Philip. I have a master's in Electrical Engineering. Funny enough, unlike some, I enjoy math and science problems. Breaking it down ...

£17 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Cosimo Featured

United Kingdom

2057 lessons

Teaches: Physics

Electrical circuits Electromagnetism Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics Physical Optics Physics (Mechanics)


£18 /h
Free 20 min. trial



9 lessons

Teaches: Physics

Experimental Physics Basic Physics Computational Physics Physics (Mechanics)

I am Dyutideepta, currently an International master's student in Physics and Data Science doing my research on remote sensing lunar image analysis usi...

£18 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Cristina M.


3298 lessons

Teaches: Physics

Thermodynamics Molecular Physics Basic Physics Physical Chemistry Quantum physics

I am a chemistry graduate 👩🏼‍🔬, I have been teaching online classes 👩🏼‍💻 for 7 years of MATHEMATICS 🧮, CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS from secondary to ...

£11 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Ahmad F.


175 lessons

Teaches: Physics

Basic Physics Physics (Mechanics)

Hello, my name is Ahmad. I am a fifth year medical student, and I love science. I have been giving private lessons for 5 years in biology, chemistry, ...

£17 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Dalia A. Featured

United States

New Tutor

Teaches: Physics

Electromagnetism Relativity Thermodynamics Nuclear Physics Basic Physics Physics (Mechanics)

My name is Dalia. PhD Student at Penn State University studying Nuclear Engineering. I studied Nuclear Engineering in Alexandria University, Egypt. I ...

£5 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Abdelali A.


10 lessons

Teaches: Physics

Electrical circuits Thermodynamics Basic Physics Physical Chemistry Solid State Physics Physics (Mechanics)

hello my name is abdelali, Tutoring Physics and chemistry to Higher/Secondary School/GCSE/IGCSE/O-Levels/A-Level/Edexcel Students i've been working a...

£6 /h
Free 20 min. trial

Md A.


New Tutor

Teaches: Physics

Electrical circuits Electromagnetism Relativity Thermodynamics Basic Physics Computational Physics

Hey there! I'm Muhammad Ahsan and I'm super excited to tell you a bit about myself and what makes my classes a blast! 🚀 I'm a Engineering final year...

£10 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Waheed A.


New Tutor

Teaches: Physics

Nuclear Physics Biophysics Experimental Physics Basic Physics Physical Optics Physics (Mechanics)

Hi there! My name is Waheed Afzal, I am a Physics and Mathematics teacher, I teach Middle year, high school and even university scholars. I can help y...

£20 /h
Free 20 min. trial






703 lessons

Teaches: Physics

Electrical circuits Theoretical Physics Physics (Mechanics)

Are you struggling with math and/or physics? Don't worry, I'm an Aerospace Engineer 🚀 with over 6 years of experience in tutoring scientific subjects...

£34 /h
Free 20 min. trial


United Kingdom

New Tutor

Teaches: Physics

Quantum physics

I work as a Science and Engineering Tutor at ​Kaplan International College London at London Bridge. Apart from that, I am a fully Qualified Secondary...

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Frequently asked questions about online physics lessons

🏠How can I learn physics from home?

The best way to study physics from home is with online lessons. With online classes, you can better organise your time studying with a tutor from a distance. This way, you don't have to leave your home and you can study in a familiar environment with all the comforts. Classgap's online physics tutors are highly trained and are able to create a study plan tailored to your needs, focusing 100% on achieving your goals. All you have to do is choose a physics tutor that suits your needs.

👨🏻‍🏫 How do I choose an online physics tutor?

Since there are so many online physics tutors on Classgap, we suggest that you do a proper search based on what you want to achieve. First, consider what your goals are: studying for a university exam, tutoring physics for high school or college, or simply studying for a personal interest. Once you have established your goals, you can use the search engine filters in Classgap and find the right tutor for your needs by selecting the tutor's specialisation and more.

👩🏻‍💻What do I have to do to take physics lessons online?

To take physics classes online, you need a good Internet connection and a PC or laptop. In order to communicate with the tutor you will need a microphone, and to be seen you will need to use a webcam, preferably a high-definition one. If you haven't used video call software before, we suggest you try it out before the online lessons to avoid wasting time.

💰 How much do online physics lessons cost?

The price of online physics lessons can vary depending on the level of the tutor. In general, fees range from 10-40 euros, so we suggest that you choose your tutor according to what you want to achieve. For example, for physics lessons for secondary school students, you can find university students who teach online, at affordable rates. Another thing is preparation for university exams or advanced physics study, for which you need to find a professional tutor who may have higher prices.

✨Are there online physics lessons for children?

If you want to help your child to study and understand physics, to overcome the difficulties they have in class, you need to find a specialised tutor. On Classgap you can find tutors for primary, secondary and high schools, with an innovative and fun teaching method that can get children excited about physics, through the use of interactive applications and interesting material. To find these tutors on Classgap, you can use the filters in our search system.

Online Physics lessons

Why study physics?

Physics is one of the most elementary sciences there is. It may seem difficult at first, but we must give it a chance. With this subject we can learn how the universe works, particles, atoms or the different physical states of matter. You can also study the complex systems of the human brain or living organisms. Physicists can work in different fields of science, as they have a broad knowledge of the different areas. Everything around us is physics. Therefore, we must study physics in order to understand natural phenomena. To know why and where thunder is born, what the law of gravitation is, why the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound or why the earth rotates around its axis. Thanks to the discoveries of scientists and physicists, mankind has evolved. Great geographical discoveries have been made thanks to the work of physicists. Thanks to physics, other fields of science have been able to improve their studies and their results. In view of scientific progress, new projects and new research are continually being created, so studying physics is a safe bet for the future. Thanks to this branch of science we can improve the climatic and ecological situation of our planet thanks to innovations. If you study physics, you will be able to learn more about and contribute to improving the environmental situation, by investing in renewable energies and preventing the depletion of natural resources. In addition to all this, it is possible to undertake your own research. You can contribute to the discovery of something that will improve the current situation of planet earth and humanity. Alternative and renewable energies are a good field to continue researching and developing new projects that will help us to improve the conditions of the Earth.

What do you study in physics?

The answer is simple: the fundamental laws of the universe. Physics seeks to understand and describe the mechanics of the universe and how it operates. It is one of the oldest academic disciplines. It has existed since man began to question the forces that governed his surroundings. It is interested in the fundamental laws of reality and mathematics. Today, on the other hand, physics is one of the disciplines that contributes most to the change of the scientific, industrial and technological paradigm. These fundamental laws are described by 4 interactions: Gravity: a natural phenomenon by which objects with mass are attracted to each other, an effect mostly observable in the interaction between planets, galaxies and other objects in the universe. Electromagnetism: studies and unifies electrical and magnetic phenomena in a single theory. It describes the interaction of charged particles with electric and magnetic fields. Weak nuclear forces: this is the interaction involved in its decay and is responsible for most of the radiation produced in the Universe, and is also the force that powers combustion. Strong nuclear forces: the main force that binds particles in atomic nuclei. In addition, the branches of physics are very broad: acoustics, astrophysics, nuclear physics, optics, cosmology or quantum mechanics, among others. The aim of all these sciences is to understand nature and try to find out what is unknown and put it in order to make use of it. What are you waiting for to start with online physics lessons?

Why should I take physics lessons online?

Learning physics through a screen is very practical and very efficient. Face-to-face tutoring has its advantages, but we have discovered the many benefits of online teaching. Physics classes can be followed online without any problem. In addition, online lessons in physics have many advantages: Students and tutors have tools that will facilitate the dynamics of the classes and make them more efficient. With the pandemic, it is very important to avoid physical contact with other people as much as possible. Therefore, Classgap is a very good option to follow your training without putting your health at risk. Classgap's virtual classroom will make the classes more complete and more similar to face-to-face education. Personalisation: you set the pace. The tutor will be exclusively for you, so the education will be personalised. In order for the online lesson to work properly and for you to get the most out of your physics learning, here are some tips to follow: Choose a good place: the atmosphere you create is very important for you to be able to concentrate on the online lessons. Routine: as with face-to-face teaching, you should also follow a routine and habits that will help you get the most out of your classes. Participate: so that the class does not become boring, it is very important that you participate or ask the questions you want to ask. This will make it much more enjoyable and the tutor will know that you are following the lessons. Emotions: you should express what you feel and be at ease. If you don't feel good, you won't get the most out of your lessons. Avoid distractions: don't let the fact that you are at home become a distraction, make the most of the online lessons. To have a good online lesson in physics, you only need 2 things: follow these tips and register with Classgap. Find the tutor that best suits you and start studying physics, bet on your future, start today!.