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Miguel Á.


Spanish Literature, Spanish

I teach Spanish Language and Literature and have extensive experience in all areas such of Spanish language and literature and world literature. I spe...

£9 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor



United States

Natural sciences

Hello! So excited to help all of you reach your full potential. Well-versed in teaching the natural sciences or mathematics to prepare you for careers...

£9 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor




Natural sciences, Social sciences

Hi! I am Odenna Siano, a licensed Science Teacher from the Philippines. I am currently teaching Senior High School students with the subjects Chemistr...

£9 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor



United States

Spanish Literature

"¡Hola! My name is Neha, and I am a passionate Spanish teacher with more than 9 years of teaching experience. As a native Spanish speaker, I have a d...

£14 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Spanish, Spanish Literature

Spanish language for foreigners. All levels....

£9 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor



South Africa

Natural sciences

I am a South African national who has recently opted for early retirement to pursue a career in teaching. I have all the time in the world to teach le...

£6 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Spanish Literature, Spanish

Tengo formación completa en derecho por la universidad Complutense de Madrid además de Máster de Acceso a la Abogacía por la Universidad Internacional de Valencia. Mi metodología se basa en una enseñanza de la teoría a base de análisis sintáctico de las oraciones. Así las clases se hacen más dinámicas y amenas donde se estudia y aprende la gramática y nuevo vocabulario sobre oraciones que se dan una conversación cotidiana. Esto permite a la vez entender la estructura del lenguaje en castellano. Por supuesto el nivel de las oraciones y del análisis, así como la metodología pueden varía y adaptarse según el tipo de alumnado así como los objetivos que se tienen para aprenden el idioma. Haré lo posible para que te guste estudiar idiomas como me gusta a mi ;)

£6 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Spanish Literature

¡Hola! ¿Estás atascado con algún punto de la asignatura? ¡Me gustaría mucho ayudarte! Soy profesor de Lengua Castellana y Literatura. Hice un Grado en Filología Hispánica y hace poco terminé el Máster en Formación del Profesorado. Desde siempre se me ha dado muy bien la sintaxis. Me gusta poner muchos ejemplos para que los alumnos aprendan y adquieran varias técnicas o trucos para comprender mejor cómo funciona nuestra lengua. Me adapto totalmente a las necesidades del estudiante. Puedo explicar un tema, proponer ejercicios de comprensión o ayudar en la realización de un trabajo para clase. Cuéntame lo que necesitas y prepararé los materiales de acuerdo a tu nivel. ¡Espero que te animes y me contactes si tienes cualquier duda!

£15 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Spanish, English, TOEFL, Catalan Literature, Catalan

Hi everyone! I have been a language teacher for more than 10 years so far. I am here to help you improve, obtain and pass easily any exam that is rea...

£8 /h 20 minute trial lesson





Natural sciences

Bye! I am a university student in the last year of Environmental and Forestry Sciences. I do repetitions of General and Soil Chemistry, Forest Botany,...

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Online school support classes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying online?

Some of the advantages of choosing the online format for school support classes are:
- Cost savings: you will save time and money by not having to make unnecessary transfers.
- 100% personalised classes: by not having the class with other children, the teacher's attention will be focused entirely on your son/daughter, who will not have to adapt to a learning pace that is inappropriate for him/her.
- Flexibility: you can do the primary school support classes when and where you want, which will allow you to combine it with other activities.
Some of the disadvantages of doing online tutoring are:
- Lack of interaction with other children: your child will be alone with their teacher, so you will have to encourage their social relationships in other types of extracurricular activities.
- Dependence on technology: they should know how to use the necessary tools to do the class and have basic notions of computers or do the class under the supervision of an adult to help them with these issues.

How many hours should I study per day?

Each child is different and has different abilities; it may take 3 hours of study to understand a maths exercise, compared to an English exercise in which they only have to spend 1 hour. In this case it is important to detect in time which are the strong points and the subjects that cause more problems to the little ones.
Depending on their needs you should set aside 1 or 2 hours a week for their primary school support classes, the important thing is to set a routine that the child feels comfortable with that will help them to create a study habit that is right for them.

What are school support classes?

Classgap's school support classes are the best way to help your children reinforce the knowledge they acquire at school, thanks to the primary school support classes they will be able to keep up in class and pass all those subjects they are struggling a little bit more. With online support classes they will gain confidence in themselves and improve their academic results in the short term.