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Online Maths tutors

Take online math classes and pass your exams with the help of a private tutor. Choose from thousands of qualified teachers and start learning at your own pace from home.

£35 /h
Free 20 min. trial




John H. Featured

United Kingdom

117 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Applied Mathematics

I am a Physics graduate from Oxford and I teach GCSE, AS and A2 Physics and Maths and International Baccalaureate (IB) . I have also been an examiner...

£22 /h
Free 20 min. trial






149 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Linear Algebra Applied Mathematics Calculus Mathematical logic Linear Programming Discrete Math

Hi! I am Sandeep Kumar Soni a Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Zagreb, Croatia. I have completed my Master's degree in mathematics from TIFR CA...

£7 /h
Free 20 min. trial






30 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Algebra Basic Math Linear Algebra Applied Mathematics Trigonometry Geometry

Hello! I'm Riadal Sampang, I have a degree in Electronics Enginering from Central Colleges of the Philippines, and also a thesis status in Master's of...

£16 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Oluwapelumi O.

United States

122 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Algebra Statistics Basic Math Linear Algebra Trigonometry Calculus

Hello, my name is Oluwapelumi Owoade, I go mostly by Pelumi. I have a bachelors degree in biomedical sciences and I am currently pursuing a master/phd...

£7 /h
Free 20 min. trial


United States

5 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Algebra Basic Math Linear Algebra Trigonometry Calculus Geometry

Hello, My name is Philip. I am from Nigeria. I studied electrical engineering in college for both my master's and bachelor's. Since Highschool, I alwa...

£13 /h
Free 20 min. trial






79 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Algebra probability Basic Math Trigonometry Calculus

I have been tutoring Mathematics and Physics since my last year of high school to various ages and levels. My main area of interest in university is ...

£27 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Andrés D.


272 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Algebra Statistics Basic Math Applied Mathematics Calculus Discrete Math

📩 BEFORE SCHEDULING YOUR FIRST CLASS, SEND ME A MESSAGE! 😊 Hello! I have extensive experience in teaching and consulting, backed by notable achieve...

£23 /h
Free 20 min. trial





United States

68 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Algebra Statistics Basic Math Linear Algebra Trigonometry Calculus

Hello, my name is Han, and I am from Los Angeles, California. My three biggest passions are math, programming, and music. I also love making pixel ani...

£5 /h
Free 20 min. trial

Chinenye F.


New Tutor

Teaches: Maths

Basic Math

Hello, I'm Faith, I have a degree in Chemistry Education from the University of Nigeria. I have over six years of experience teaching mathematics in a...

£16 /h
Free 20 min. trial





South Africa

848 lessons

Teaches: Maths

Algebra Basic Math Trigonometry

Hello. I am a Mathematics teacher with 24 years teaching experience. I am familiar with the United Kingdom syllabus as well as the South African syl...

£14 /h
Free 20 min. trial






19 lessons

Teaches: Maths


I hold a degree in Economics and in Mathematics, both by Universidad Complutense de Madrid. I’ve taught Economics and Mathematics before, both with h...

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Frequently asked questions about maths classes

💰How much do online maths classes cost?

The prices for online maths lessons are decided by each tutor. You can find tutors offering prices ranging from 6 to 25 euros per hour. Please note that the indicated rates may vary depending on the level of the tutor. For example, a tutor will have higher prices than a university student. Therefore, we suggest you to choose the one that suits you best according to your goals. How? You can easily use the filters to select the tutor's price, level, schedule and maths specialty, so you can customize the search field and find more easily the right tutor for your online maths lessons.

👩‍🏫How do I choose an online maths tutor?

Since there are so many online maths tutors on Classgap, you'll need to consider several things to choose the right one for your needs. First of all, determine your goals: Do you want to pass an exam, do you want to expand your knowledge, or do you want to give a refresher course? Once you have defined your goals, click on online maths tutors. As above, select the filters you want, and voila! A list of math tutors adapted to your criteria. Read their presentation, ratings and choose the one that suits you best. You can also evaluate whether the tutor is right for you based on the first lesson, during which you can explain your goals and give the tutor the opportunity to prepare a tailor-made curriculum for your online maths lessons.

🧑‍🏫Are there maths classes in all areas?

At Classgap we have online maths tutors specializing in every area. You can find tutors specializing in algebra and calculus, as well as statistics, trigonometry and even geometry. Just set the appropriate search filters and check the profile of the tutor in question to see whether or not he or she is right for you. In addition, you can find tutors willing to tutor online for elementary schools, as well as for middle and high school students. At Classgap there are also tutors specialized in preparing for university exams.

🏠How to learn mathematics at home?

To learn mathematics from home, the best solution is to take mathematics lessons online. For this, you need a good Internet connection, a PC or laptop with video call, webcam and microphone. Online math classes will offer you more flexibility of schedules and a tutor with a 100% personalized methodology. Of course, you should not lack the desire to learn, because in addition to the classes you will have to study individually, doing the exercises assigned to you by the tutor.

👦 How to motivate children to take maths classes?

Choose a math tutor who uses a playful approach. Often children may feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the complexity of mathematics and choose not to learn it. But if the learning systems are alternative, it will be much easier for them, fun is not forbidden! At Classgap we have specialized tutors for children so that they can understand mathematics in the best possible way. These tutors can use alternative methods, with interactive math games to increase children's interest and make math fun.

Online Maths tutors

Math review, are you up for it?

We have all gone through the love-hate phase with mathematics, how many problems it has brought us! And never better said. They can be difficult, but they are very necessary. They don't teach how to study and formulate problems, understand structures, or how to assemble and disassemble things.

It is made up of hundreds of areas, topics... functions, algebra,trigonometry, geometry, second degree equations, probability or statistics. There are many difficulties that we can find studying mathematics and there are many reasons that can cause a failure.

Therefore, it is very important to bet on online math tutoring. It will be great for you to review the contents of the subject, reinforce your weak points, deepen your knowledge, do your homework or prepare for an exam.

If you need tutoring, don't hesitate to ask for help. You may hesitate, but if you are not convinced, we will explain the reasons why you should choose mathematics:

  • Personalized education: With a private tutor. The teacher will be aware of your difficulties and will adapt the classes to your needs. You will follow a learning pace that you will set.
  • Work on different areas: you will be able to learn the multiple areas of mathematics, deepen in the ones you like the most and overcome the most complicated ones, all with the help of your private teacher.
  • No classmates: unlike at school, here there are no other students. This means that you will not have to follow the pace of the others, you will be able to set your own pace. In addition, you will feel less pressure and the tutor will devote all his attention to you. If you have any questions, you can ask them without fear that other students will look at you.
  • Quality and affordable classes: there are many platforms such as Classgap,, where you can find quality and affordable classes. The tutors usually offer a first free trial lesson.
  • Adaptability: you can choose the branch that you like the most or that you need to reinforce the most. You will not have to do a compulsory review of the whole subject, just focus on what you need. Mathematics is essential at any academic level. In elementary school, it is a basic pillar of student learning. In high school, it gets complicated and students often fail and become frustrated. In high school and university, it is often the basis for other subjects such as physics, economics or technology.

The benefits of mathematics

It is impossible to get rid of mathematics, they are everywhere. As we have to live with them throughout our lives, it will be better to control them. There is no doubt that mathematics produces many mental benefits, it helps us to enhance and develop our reasoning and to have an analytical thinking.

Streamlining our mind to solve problems that we face in our day to day is one of the benefits of mathematics, but there are many more. Do you want to know them? Here they go:

  • Think better: mathematics will help you develop logical thinking. You will solve problems or face a given situation in a more agile way. In addition, it is fundamental for education.
  • Order ideas: it will help you to express ideas and thoughts clearly and coherently, this will allow others to understand you more easily. Your way of ordering ideas will help personal development.
  • Wisdom: mathematics applies to many branches of our life. We would be unable to understand many phenomena in our daily lives without the help of mathematics.
  • Analytical thinking: it is the most used to pose and solve problems. We base our thinking on evidence rather than on emotions.
  • Logical solutions: when we are faced with a problem, whether mathematical or from life, we collect the data, observe the relationships between the parts and look for a rational solution. With logical and analytical thinking, you will develop your ability to know the truth and investigate life situations. After all, truths are often based on evidence.

Math classes in Classgap

Classgap is an online tutoring platform that brings together students and tutors from all over the world. Here you will find a grid of verified math tutors to help you with whatever you need. With the improvement of technology, online math classes have evolved and have gained a lot of momentum. For a class to work, we must keep in mind that the video call must be of quality. A good image, sound and connection will make the class much easier and more entertaining. With Classgap's virtual classroom, you will have many tools to make your experience the best possible.

You will have online resources, complementary documents, didactic exercises... Thanks to the virtual whiteboard and the screen sharing option, classes will be more visual. What do you need for a good online math class?

  • Calculator: you don't need to buy one. The advantage of online classes is that you can use the internet, where you will find all the calculators you need to follow the lesson. You will be able to solve all the operations, it is a very useful tool.
  • Interactive exercises: thanks to the virtual classroom you will be able to share documents with your tutor and do exercises to improve your level.
  • Formulas and multiplication tables: You can also find them on the Internet. You should always have them at hand, you will need them on many occasions. You will see that today many visual resources help you to memorize them./li>

Online math classes at Classgap will allow you to enjoy the subject and combine it with other activities. They will provide you with all the knowledge and benefits that mathematics has and all this with quality. Don't hesitate any longer and register on our platform and start today!