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Online Spanish tutors

Learn or improve your Spanish with affordable online Spanish classes, you'll learn at your pace with 1-on-1 online lessons.
Choose your perfect teacher between a great selection of top Spanish tutors from all over the world.

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$18 /h 20 minute trial lesson





I love English and Spanish languages and love teaching them. Every day I look for better ways to help my students thru resources, methods and games. I...

$15 /h 20 minute trial lesson


Ana G.


Conversation, Vocabulary, DELE, Business Spanish, Job interview preparation

Hi, My name is Ana Solis and I am from Mexico. I am a language teacher and I love my job. I have more than ten years of experience in the area of ​​e...

$14 /h 20 minute trial lesson




Grammar, Writing, DELE, Business Spanish, Reading comprehension

Hello my Name Is Antonio and I’m from a small village in Alicante, Spain. I’ve been traveling around the world all my life and teaching my language to...

$16 /h 20 minute trial lesson


Juan C.



¡Hola!, my name is Juan, I’m Colombian and my native language is Spanish, I’m a certified teacher by Barcelona University in teaching Spanish as a for...

$23 /h 20 minute trial lesson





For many years I worked for Vaughan Systems in the mainland, right now I live in Tenerife. I work as a freelance teacher, I am still using the Vaughan...

$15 /h 20 minute trial lesson




Conversation, Phonetics, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading comprehension

My name is Angela, I live in Peru, I am a professional translator, I studied Translation and Interpretation at the university, I can speak English, F...

$19 /h 20 minute trial lesson


Andrea S.


Conversation, Grammar, Legal Spanish, Job interview preparation

My intention is to help you think in a new language, not merely translate everything in your head. That's how we learn. My teaching method: 30% gramm...

$19 /h 20 minute trial lesson


María F.


Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary, DELE

Learning a language can be a lot of fun and I promise to do everything I will make sure you enjoy each class to the fullest. Whether you want to impro...

$18 /h 20 minute trial lesson

5.0 Featured Teacher



Conversation, Phonetics, Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary

Several years of experience on my back teaching private lessons, both english and spanish, and also in spanish secondary school. My classes are always...

$13 /h 20 minute trial lesson

5.0 Featured Teacher




My experience as a teacher begins in Uruguay in 2005, the year I received my teaching title. Since then I have dedicated myself exclusively to teachin...

$15 /h 20 minute trial lesson




Customs, Conversation, Writing, Vocabulary, Job interview preparation

Hey there, my name is Mario! A certified English teacher and translator, currently based between London, Valencia and Lisbon. Years of experience tea...

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Giselle is an excellent teacher and is good fun to work with. Thanks

Annie Campbell 5


Just had a trial class with Carmen, understood exactly my needs and I will now schedule 10 classes

Tanya Stevens 5


Friendly, Methodical. Fun. Thorough (goes back to make sure understanding). Would recommend.

Julia Hummel 5

Spanish Online Lessons

Why study Spanish? Here are the reasons

The importance of the spanish language has notably increased within these last years. The language is growing at a tremendous rate. In fact, along with English and Chinese, it is found in the top 3 of the most important languages spoken all around the world. It is not only spoken in Spain, but it is the most spoken language in Central and South America. It is the 3rd most spoken language in the world with almost 500 million people. Moreover, it’s the official language in 21 countries all over the world: Spain in Europe, Guinea Ecuatorial in Africa and almost every country in Central and South America. Did you know that 16.4% of the population of the United States of America speaks Spanish as their native language? And that’s not all, but 1 in 4 Americans know the language. Along with English, it is the most widely used language in international relations. Due to the growth of the Spanish-speaking population, it is expected that in a few years, in Europe, 20% of the population will speak Spanish as a first or second language. So, is Spanish the language of the future? We can assure that it has a very promising future ahead and will prevail over other languages such as French or Chinese. That being said, knowing Spanish will turn you into a more savvy person and help you broaden your cultural horizons and learn about multiple perspectives. Spanish-speaking countries have many wonderful places to visit: Spain, Mexico or Cuba are cultural must-visit countries, as they have hundreds of museums, ancient architecture, vestiges of many cultures, etc. You can walk around for hours admiring the unique vibrant atmosphere. One of the main reasons why you have to learn Spanish is the gastronomy: Spain is a gastronomic powerhouse that has been rewarded with multiple Michelin stars and other international awards that confirm its great potential. Paella, gazpacho, migas, tapas, tortilla de patatas… all of these dishes make Spain the best option when choosing a culinary destination. If you learn the language, it will help you go further into this tasty world.

Spanish online lessons

The kindness of the people of Spain and Latin America is an incentive to learn their language. If you visit their countries, be sure that, in case of any problems, the locals will help you without hesitation. Learning the language will open a door to their extensive culture. You will know great literary works of authors like: Cervantes, Bécquer, García Márquez or Neruda. In addition, the film and music industry has given us great characters such as Pedro Almodóvar, Ricky Martin, JLO, Antonio Banderas or Shakira. Do you want to start with online classes? It may seem complicated, but learning Spanish will facilitate learning many other languages. When you reach an intermediate level you will have the grammatical structure of the Roman languages such as: Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian, Catalan and Galician. Moreover, Spanish is a phonetic language which is written just as it’s pronounced. What do you need to learn Spanish from home? Very simple; make sure that your device has a good Internet connection, register with Classgap and be eager to learn. Our platform will allow you to select, through our extensive grid, the teacher that best suits your needs. You can filter by the following criteria: the level you want to achieve, if you want your teacher to be native speaker, your time flexibility and budget. Some teachers even offer a free 20-minute trial to help you get to know each other better. In Classgap you’ll find all the necessary tools so that you and your teacher have an excellent online class experience. You will be able to share documents, assignments or video links that complement the lessons, all within a chat integrated into the platform which makes the communication between teacher and student much easier. And don't worry about the payments, they are made safely through Classgap, through an easy and secure method. Spanish is a wonderful language and it is never too late to learn it. Do you enjoy listening to music? If so, you will love listening to Spanish music; its vibrant rhythms really makes you full of cheer. The most internationally known styles are pop, salsa, reggaeton or cumbia. Who doesn't know La Macarena by Los del Río, Guantanamera by Celia Cruz or Despacito by Luis Fonsi. Imagine if you could understand everything they say! If you want to take a deeper look into the Spanish language and culture, find your ideal tutor in our verified teachers' grid. If you are passionate about challenges and continuous improvement, you will love Spanish!

Which Spanish teacher is best for you?

Classgap is your ideal platform if you want to learn Spanish. You will find a wide variety of teachers who will offer you private online Spanish classes. You will see that there are qualified teachers and native teachers, all of them verified. We make sure you find the profile that best suits you. Another reason why learning Spanish is very rewarding is that knowing the language improves your curriculum. It is no secret that knowing other languages can open many doors in the job market. Mastering languages gives you more value as an employee and can lead to having a higher income. Speaking Spanish can help you, because each day, more and more companies make contacts with Spanish-speaking countries. If you want to live in a Spanish-speaking country, you may need a native teacher. This would be the best option for you, as he or she will teach you a wider vocabulary and a more fluent and natural way of speaking. Moreover, you'll learn typical expressions, and Spanish especially has a wide repertoire of popular sayings that you'll love to learn. On the other hand, if you want to learn Spanish for cultural reasons or just because you like to travel, a good option is to choose a bilingual teacher. He or she has also having been a student and will help you with any problems or difficulties that may arise throughout the learning process. Learning Spanish is fun, not only because you are introducing yourself to another culture, but also because you will feel that you have achieved something meaningful at the end. It’s always grateful to have a wider vocabulary so that you can communicate with people all around the world. To achieve your goals, you only need passion and a good private tutor. Sign up for Classgap and start your online Spanish lessons now!