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Fernando N.


Economics, Econometrics, Microeconomics

Hi! I'm Fernando and I'm specialized in teaching Maths, Physics, Statistics, Microeconomics and Ec...

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One of the most popular tutors




Hello! My classes are usually tailored to the student's needs. I usually use a general method that c...

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One of the most popular tutors

Anselmo C.

United States

Economics, Accounting

Hi, I was born and lived in the United States for many years. I taught Spanish and Mathematics in Bo...

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Shankaran R.



My classes are interactive and collaborative. I am patient which is a virtue while in pursuit of exc...

$ 13 /h 15 minute trial lesson

Swambhavi A.



A class is always aimed at catering to the students needs. Every student is different and every indi...

$ 18 /h 15 minute trial lesson

Naman V.


Economics, Accounting, Law, Marketing

Talking about my class methodology is to prepare the student for worst to worst question which could...

$ 8 /h 15 minute trial lesson



Economics, Sports, Yoga, Accounting

My name is Pavan, I have been previously been a classroom teacher for about 2 years (20 months to be...

$ 12 /h 15 minute trial lesson




Geophysicists with a strong mathematical background. I teach algebra, calculus, physics, and related...

$ 12 /h 15 minute trial lesson

Oscar G.


Economics, Accounting, Microeconomics

Hi, I'm Oscar, and teaching is one of the things I love most in life, I'm 30 years old and I think I...

$ 13 /h 15 minute trial lesson




Young ambitious woman, currently enrolled in a Business administration bachelor. As i love learning ...

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