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Online Arabic tutors

Learn Arabic with affordable online lessons, you'll improve at your own pace with the help of a private tutor.
Choose your perfect teacher between thousands of online Arabic tutors from all over the world.

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$11 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor


Radhia H.



I have spent a year and a half in the U.S. studying business at the University of Alabama, so I know the feeling of being overwhelmed and intimidated ...

$16 /h 20 minute trial lesson






Al-slamalikoum I am Rehab ,Preacher and Certificated Teacher ,Quran & Arabic tutor worked for 7 years in Teaching Quran ,Tajweed , Islamic studies a...

$11 /h 20 minute trial lesson






Marhaban! My name is Amine, I am a native Arabic speaker. I hold a Bachelor's in Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Abdel Malek Essaa...

$18 /h 20 minute trial lesson






Hello, If your first language is English or French and you are looking for Arabic lessons, you are at the right place! I am a native Arabic teacher an...

$10 /h 20 minute trial lesson




Saudi Arabia


🖐🏻Hello My name is Suhair, i am arab from Saudi Arabia🇸🇦 I am Arabic teacher for non native speakers📖 i speak Standard Arabic and Saudi Accent, a...

$11 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor


Amel H.



Bonjour, je suis enseignante du français , diplomé en 2020 ( langue français ) et je travail au primaire chez la gouvernement, et chez les école privé depuis 2019 . je parle Arabe , Français, Anglais , Espagnol ! si vous souhaitez apprendre une langue Français dès le début en prononciation, grammaire, orthographe, conjugaison, vocabulaire et communication contacte moi pour plus d'informations! Apprendre une langue devrait être amusant, profiter des bonnes discussions, sans pression, ni obligation, je suis sûre que vous n’allez pas regretter si vous me choisissez, je vais vous fournir l’ambiance nécessaire pour un meilleur apprentissage. Je comprends le fait que vous soyez terrifié, ou timide à l’idée de parler, ne vous inquiétez surtout pas, je vais vous mettre très à l’aise, confortable et spontané pour vous vous exprimer, ce qui est important, je vous garantis que vous allez vous sentir confiant et naturel, donc soyez rassuré.

$15 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor





Assalamu Alikum. I am Marwa Mousa, Arabic language tutor from Egypt. I have +10 years’ experience in teaching Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies for no...

$17 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor


Hoda N.



Salvation! My name is Hoda Nohra. I have a bachelor's degree in social sciences from the Lebanese university. I have been teaching for more than 5...

$9 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor


Sahar A.



Arabic language teacher Holds a Bachelor of Arts Department of Arabic Language Holds a Tajweed certificate from the Institute of Readings I memorize...

$6 /h 20 minute trial lesson

New Tutor





I am Khaled, certified professional Arabic teacher and proofreader. I work as an Arabic language teacher for foreigners and Arabic native speakers. I ...

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Frequently asked questions about online Arabic classes

💰 How much do online Arabic lessons cost?

Each teacher sets the prices. The cost is per hour and you’ll find hourly prices between €5 and over €30. The cost of the online Arabic lessons will depend on many relevant aspects, such as your learning goals, the teacher’s expertise, and the level of Arabic you want to learn. In our online Arabic tutor’s grid, you can sort by price. Set the minimum and maximum cost per hour you want to pay and you’ll get a list of teachers with rates within that range. More specialised or native Arabic teachers might charge higher rates than beginners or non-natives.

🧑‍🏫 How are the Arabic online classes?

Once you choose your Arabic online tutor and schedule your first class, all you have to do is find a quiet space to take your lesson and be there on time. Online Arabic lessons take place in a virtual classroom where you meet your tutor, talk, and carry on different activities using audiovisual resources. Thanks to that technology, online Arabic lessons are personalised, at your pace, and dynamic. That makes the learning curve much more pronounced. Also, the prices of online lessons tend to be lower than face-to-face classes thanks to the possibility of taking them from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device. Your teacher will guide you with the next steps in order to keep learning the language until the following lesson.

💻 What is the best way to learn Arabic online?

The best way to learn Arabic online is by taking Arabic online classes. Online one-on-one lessons with specialised tutors have proved to be the most effective way to learn a language because they’re personalised (according to your schedule and at your pace), dynamic and flexible.

Arabic online classes

How long does it take to learn Arabic?

How long it takes to learn a language depends on many aspects: The pace of each person. The number of hours you can dedicate to learning it. How committed you are to learning the language. The level you want to achieve. The expertise of your teacher. The complexity of the language (which in the case of Arabic, as we’ll dive deep into later, is high). The way you do it (Arabic online classes, free app training, going to language school, living abroad, etc.). One of the most effective ways to learn the language is by signing up for Arabic tuition online. That way, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace, and will have a private tutor to answer all your questions and doubts (more on this later). Of course, Arabic is a particularly complex language and it certainly takes longer than learning Spanish, English, or even German from the ground up. Want to learn why? Keep reading and find out.

Is Arabic very difficult to learn?

The difficulty or ease of learning languages depends on multiple factors such as the person, the number of languages already mastered, and the person's native language. That being said, the reality is that Arabic is a complex language for the following reasons: There are 30 modern varieties of Arabic: the Arabic spoken is a different type of Arabic across the existing Arabic-speaking regions and countries. And against all expectations, it can be extremely different from one region to another. The alphabet: as you may know, Arabic has a non-Latin alphabet. That makes it harder for people belonging to western culture to learn it. It’s written from right to left and there are no vowels in most words. Its pronunciation: added to the absence of vowels, the existence of sounds not present in other languages makes learning Arabic more challenging. The good news is that there are many things you can do to overcome the complexity of the language and learn it successfully. The first step is signing up for Arabic online classes.

Benefits of taking Arabic lessons online

Taking Arabic lessons online brings a number of advantages. As you learned above, Arabic is a complex language. But your reasons for learning it are stronger, so let’s see why taking Arabic online classes is the best way to learn the language. Flexibility: online classes have proved to be the most effective way to learn a language. The main reason is flexibility. You can take the lessons within your time availability and from wherever you want, as long as you have a mobile device with an internet connection. Personalisation: taking Arabic lessons online allows you a high level of personalisation. No more crowded classrooms where you have to keep up with a general learning rhythm. With online classes, you get to learn at your own pace. More dynamic: online classes take place in a virtual classroom where you can access multiple audiovisual resources. Also, you learn the natural way: by speaking and listening. That’s the most effective way to learn a language.

Things to keep in mind when taking Arabic online classes

Ok, so you signed up for a pack of classes, and now what? It’s not enough to buy some lessons and then show up on time. There’s much more to effectively learning a new language, especially such a complex language as Arabic. Choose among the Arabic online tutors: for good Arabic tuition, you need to choose the best online Arabic tutor for you. You’ll find many options that may make you feel a little lost. The first step is to choose the right online tutor. You can do that by sorting among the available options by your favorite filters, such as rate per hour, availability, and other aspects you’ll find relevant according to your learning goals (taking an exam, living and working abroad, tourism, cultural reasons, etc.). Show up on time: the main benefit of virtual classes is that you can take them from the comfort of your home. There’s no excuse! Show up on time and leverage every second of your class. Be consistent: when facing a challenge, a lack of constancy is a permanent temptation. Make a commitment to your learning goals and it’ll pay off. Find the right place to take your lessons: although the Arabic online classes take place in a virtual classroom, it’s crucial that you’re in a quiet space to make sure there are no interruptions and you can fully focus on your class. Arabic tuition online: how does it work? By signing up for Arabic tuition online you get to have one-on-one virtual classes with a private tutor, at your own time availability. That way, you’ll be able to learn faster than if you had to attend a face-to-face class full of other students, each and every one with their own learning dynamics. One of the most frequent questions is whether to choose among native or bilingual Arabic online tutors. Well, there’s no universal answer for that. Which Arabic tuition online you choose will rely on many factors. For example, if you want to live abroad and work in an Arabic-speaking country, then maybe a bilingual teacher will do, since they may have had the experience of living there as foreigners. On the other hand, if you want to perfect your pronunciation and become a native speaker, then maybe a native Arabic teacher could be the best option.