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Frédéric D.


French, Spanish

Hi ! I'm originally from Paris. Highly experienced native french french online teacher. I teach fr...

$ 15-21 /h free interview





French, English

Languages enthusiast. My aim is that you enjoy them as much as I do. Every lesson is designed for th...

$ 10-16 /h free interview

Aurore L.


French, German, English, Japanese

I am a French translator but have always wanted to share my passion for foreign languages. This is t...

$ 15-25 /h free interview




French, English

Raised in between french and american culture, I have perfect knowledge of both languages and thanks...

$ 9-19 /h free interview




French, Catalan, Spanish, English

I can help you improve your english. I've been struggling with my English when I was younger and I k...

$ 12-25 /h free interview



French, Russian

Hi! I am a teacher of Russian, English and French for more than 3 years. Considering the student's l...

$ 19-25 /h free interview

Jean N.


French, English

I'm Jean Ndayambaje. I'm a studying Management Engineering at the University of Mons (BAC+3). I did ...

$ 14-25 /h free interview

Esteban S.


French, English, Spanish

I standardly render Spanish lessons to 30 + students with RP English as mother tongue. I've register...

$ 22-31 /h free interview



French, English

I am victor oriaku,a native speaker of english with about years teaching experience ,i deliver to my...

$ 9-16 /h free interview



French, German, English, Spanish

Degree in translation and interpretation and sworn translator by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Af...

$ 19-25 /h free interview




French, Spanish, Bulgarian

$ 12-19 /h free interview


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