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Learning a language online is easier with our posts

How to learn Spanish online

Do you want to learn Spanish? This is the ultimate guide to all the different ways to learn Spanish online. We've listed all the methods available and we've selected the pros and cons for each of them.  The following options are not exclusive. As a student, you should try different methods but don’t stick to only one. For example, if you only play videogames it’s going to be hard to practice your speaking and gain fluency. Complement it w...
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Basic and common phrases in Spanish for beginners

So… Are you studying Spanish? Or are you about to visit a Spanish-speaking country? Well, you can’t do either of these things without knowing a few of the most common phrases in this language.  Remember! These common phrases should not act as a substitute for any kind of formal education. They are patches to solve specific situations where not knowing the language may get you in trouble or cause a minor inconvenience. However, you sho...
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How to learn Spanish on a budget

Have you decided to learn Spanish?  Not only is Spanish one of the most popular languages, but it’s also a fun challenge if you are looking to expand your culture. It takes time and effort. But if you’ve set your mind on doing it, you will nail it.  You only have to remember one thing, learning Spanish is a long race, not something you can finish in a couple of months. You will need patience, resilience and a high tolerance for frustr...
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5 Best websites and apps to learn Spanish

In today’s world, everyone should know how to speak at least two languages. The reasons to do that, are many. If you want to know them, check our post about all the reasons to learn a language online. But it doesn't matter why you end up here. Every reason is valid. Every language learner has personal reasons as to why they want to expand their horizons.  Let’s be honest, accepting a challenge like that requires courage. But it’s a sa...
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Top five countries to be a teacher

Leaving to work abroad is a big adventure. More so if you want to work as a teacher. You not only have to face the cultural shock, but also a new language and probably the idiosyncrasies of the natives. It is a challenge that one must not take lightly. However, it can become an unbelievable and life-changing experience.   Before deciding this, you must be prepared. The world is big and there are a lot of places to explore. The teacher...
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These tools will help you pass online university

Graduating from a university degree is a big challenge. It is not an easy feat to meet standard university academic levels. Besides, if we’ve taken upon ourselves to survive university without putting a foot on campus, it is going to be tricky. I'm not talking about skipping class though, I'm talking about online university.  For those of you who are still not convinced about the type of education you need or prefer, we might as well disti...
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Online education vs Traditional Education: Which one is better for you?

Choosing which type of education you need can be a daunting process. In the last few years, the education sector has suffered many changes, changes that in previous decades would have been unimaginable. No one could have predicted the innovations that this field would witness.  The current options are infinite but, let’s be honest, not all of them are a fit for all students. For this reason, in this article, we are going to list the differe...
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Helpful techniques to study online

There are irreconcilable differences between traditional education and online education. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Technology has changed the way we view many things. Education is just one of them.  Nowadays, students don’t have to give up a good job or a healthy social life in order to study. Online education provides the most-needed tools to balance work, family, friends with studies.  Nevertheless, online education te...
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Essential tools for online education

There are some essential tools for online education. Mostly to help you stay organized and especially to make the most of your formative experience. Furthermore, online learning is one of the best formative choices right now as a student but it can be challenging for newbies. The transition from face-to-face education to a digital one can be confusing. Having the right tools is very helpful to pave the way.  As a result, we’ve chosen the fu...
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Online tutoring: all you need to know

Online tutoring is getting more and more popular: it is the perfect solution when you want to share knowledge and be your own boss at the same time. Online private lessons have many advantages and the demand for this market is increasing every day thanks to new technologies. Nowadays, it is possible to earn a living by being an online private tutor. Want to know how? Here is our guide about what you need to know about online tutoring.  Wh...
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4 reasons to learn a language online

Nowadays, with globalization and the trade industry becoming more and more international, borders tend to disappear. For this reason, speaking a second language is no longer a plus but a necessity. Jobs requiring proficiency in several languages are becoming very common. But speaking a foreign language is not only beneficial at the professional level, it has an obvious impact on social life, the ability to adapt to a different culture, it's eve...
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Keys to learn a foreign language online

  Today, in a time when we no longer even ask ourselves the question of English proficiency, a lot of countries such as France or Spain are still a long way behind on the subject. Indeed, when we compare the way languages are learned in countries like Sweden or Germany and France, we quickly notice a big shift. For example, in these two countries, as in many others, it is completely normal to speak several languages fluently.  But now...
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How to set the prices for my online classes?

You finally decide to embark on the adventure of online teaching, that's great news! If you are passionate about teaching, this may be a big experience for you. It's a challenge but it's also an amazing opportunity to branch out and explore new horizons.    The problem you may be facing now is: how much should you charge for an hour of class? This is not easy, you do not want to be above the average because you still want to get stude...
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Why should you become an online tutor?

You are a teacher? A student? An expert on a specific topic? You would like to share your knowledge? Earn a bit of money? Or simply save and become independent? Then, distance private lessons are made for you! But first and foremost, being an online private tutor, what does it mean? If you want to become an independent teacher and you decide to do it on the Web, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a webcam. Easy, ri...
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