5 tips to get good marks in chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most feared subjects in all secondary schools. Students who choose the science branch tend to be those who have shown a certain predisposition towards numbers and science in general in secondary school. Despite this, chemistry can be a very difficult and confusing subject. One of the best options to overcome this is to find an online chemistry tutor.

Chemistry is not only an obstacle for younger students, but also for university students who find this difficult subject a part of their degree curriculum. Even these more advanced students, who have been well prepared since high school, can have considerable problems with chemistry exams, as the academic standard is always very high.

But chemistry is as complex as it is fascinating. After all, the study of chemistry helps us to understand the world around us. It is not by chance that chemistry is called the "central science"; all other sciences, such as astronomy, physics and biology, develop from it.

Tips for passing chemistry online

You are probably looking for ways to improve your average grade in chemistry, or you are already at university and are having problems with a particular exam. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Set up study groups: You won't be the only one in your class or in your course of study who is struggling. Therefore, you can consider setting up study groups with classmates and friends to help each other and study together. However, try to organise your time and study as well as possible, because it is obviously easy to get distracted among friends. The trick is not to create groups that are too big, only three or four people, so that you can work on objectives and take breaks in an orderly way. 
  • Repeat the basics: If a new concept escapes you or you are unable to assimilate new chemistry concepts, the best thing to do is to go back to the basics. The fundamentals are extremely important, so it's worth repeating some basics - maybe that's the key to something you're missing. This is especially useful if you are at university, as you may have forgotten some of what you saw in your high school days. 
  • Take chemistry lessons online: If you have already tried everything, but are not getting the results you want, we recommend that you take chemistry lessons. You've probably already thought about it, but you can't find a good tutor in your area and you don't want to waste time travelling. In that case, the best option is to take online classes so that you can study in a flexible way and with a 100% personalised methodology. In addition, they are much cheaper than face-to-face classes or academies. 

See online chemistry tutors

The advantages of online chemistry lessons

If you are wondering where to start looking for chemistry tutors who are willing to give online lessons, on Classgap you will find a wide range of tutors in various subjects and specialities. 

Just find the one that best suits your needs (price, availability, speciality...) and book a first free trial lesson. This option is available with all tutors. This way, you can explain to the tutor what your objectives are and have a first interview to see if you are convinced. All you need is a good internet connection and a webcam for the video chat. 

The advantages of online chemistry lessons are many, let's see what the main ones are.

  • Convenience: Online classes mean you don't have to travel. You can study from the comfort of your own home - or wherever you want. This way you can organise your time in the best possible way. 
  • Additional material: Your tutor can provide you with additional study material so that you can deepen your knowledge of the subject beyond your school's textbooks. Not only that, but he or she can guide you towards what documentation is a priority when your university tutor gives you too many resources. 
  • Motivation: Sometimes you need a little motivation to overcome obstacles in your studies. You get too distracted and feel you lack the extra drive to study chemistry more seriously on your own. Your tutor will focus 100% on you, motivating you when you need it and pushing you to do better and better.
  • Personalisation: A tutor will design a methodology tailored to you and your goals. Together you will determine your goals and progress together. Chemistry is a fascinating subject, you probably just need someone who is passionate about it, perhaps even going outside the classic school curriculum.

You can take a free 20-minute trial lesson before you decide. If you are convinced by the tutor, you can schedule the rest of the lessons with him/her according to the methodology you have agreed upon. Normally, our students have two lessons per week, but this is entirely up to you. Choose your tutor and have your lesson for free: 


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