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German conversation classes: Online or face-to-face?

German is one of those languages in which conversation classes become more important during the learning process. One of the most common doubts among people who are interested in online German classes is whether this method is more or less effective than face-to-face conversation classes. At Classgap we have managed to develop a methodology that combines the most beneficial aspects of the two alternatives: on the one hand, the flexibility ...
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6 reasons to learn German online in 2022

Learning German online can open many doors for you, whether at work, culturally, academically or even socially. Most people who are interested in learning this language encounter the difficulty of lack of time or the scarcity of quality training offers in their place of residence. Did you know that you can learn German online at your own pace, from home and with the constant support of specialised tutors?  Classgap's online German classes a...
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10 tips learning german online

Do you want to learn German from scratch or do you want to improve your German? You've probably heard that it's difficult to learn German, but if you like a challenge, you'll know that nothing is impossible. Learning German online to achieve your personal or professional goals is easier than you may think. We explain how to learn German online with a few simple and practical tips. If you really want to learn German, the best way to do it is with...
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How to learn German online to grow professionally

It is often said that English is the language of choice if you want to find a good job, but nowadays you need more than that to stand out. German is one of the best options if you want to find the job of your dreams. You may be asking yourself, but what level of German do I need? In this article we will answer all your questions. The range of professional opportunities opens up when you speak German, whether in companies in Germany, Switzerland,...
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Essential guide to learning german online

Passionate, intense, strong... all these adjectives describe the Germanic language. It is a very interesting language, but at the same time it is complicated to learn, especially for Spanish speakers. Why? Because, unlike Italian or French, German does not belong to the Romance languages, but to the Indo-European family.  In recent years, German has become one of the most important languages to learn. Many schools have chosen to teach Germa...
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