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German conversation classes: Online or face-to-face?

German is one of those languages in which conversation classes become more important during the learning process. One of the most common doubts among people who are interested in online German classes is whether this method is more or less effective than face-to-face conversation classes.

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At Classgap we have managed to develop a methodology that combines the most beneficial aspects of the two alternatives: on the one hand, the flexibility and convenience of online German classes. On the other hand, the direct contact with a specialised online German teacher via videoconference. 

Advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face and online German conversation classes

Until a few years ago, face-to-face conversation classes were the only way to learn German. This methodology has the great advantage of direct contact between the teacher and the student. The problem with face-to-face conversation classes is that many students cannot find specialised tutors in their place of residence.

In addition, mobility restrictions and social distancing regulations that have arisen since the pandemic have forced a large number of people to halt their progress in language proficiency and to look for options that allow them to continue their education.

With the emergence of online German language courses, students have discovered an alternative that offers them a more personalised and flexible learning experience.

Thanks to online German conversation classes, you can improve your professional skills in order to get a job that requires a command of the language, increase your communication skills and travel in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Luxembourg with all the guarantees.

The importance of online German conversation classes for learning German

Learning through conversation is one of the cornerstones of online German classes at Classgap. In addition to acquiring the necessary skills to be able to communicate fluently, students improve their oral expression and listening comprehension, their knowledge of the grammar of the language and even the most characteristic cultural aspects and customs of the German-speaking countries.

The approach of the teachers at Classgap is always based on the assimilation of theoretical concepts through practice so that students can improve their command of the language in the shortest possible time.

Another benefit of the conversation classes at Classgap is the direct contact with the online German teacher via videoconference sessions, in which students can practice without fear of making mistakes even if they are learning the language from scratch.

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What online German conversation classes are like

We will use the example of Classgap's online German conversation classes to illustrate the development of this learning methodology.

At the beginning of the session, the online German teacher and the student communicate via videoconference.

This is the perfect moment to simulate a real situation and practise greetings, interest in the mood or health of your interlocutor (in this case the tutor), or to develop any other dynamic that serves as practice for a first contact in a real conversation

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As you have seen, learning German online through conversational practice is much easier with all the tools provided by Classgap's learning system and virtual classroom.

Did you know that, to help you find the right online German teacher for you and familiarise yourself with the platform, you can book a free online German lesson at Classgap?

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