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6 reasons to learn German online in 2022

Learning German online can open many doors for you, whether at work, culturally, academically or even socially. Most people who are interested in learning this language encounter the difficulty of lack of time or the scarcity of quality training offers in their place of residence.

Did you know that you can learn German online at your own pace, from home and with the constant support of specialised tutors?  Classgap's online German classes are designed to fit your schedule, your learning pace and your short, medium and long-term goals.

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How does this system get results? Quite simply. Through an extensive and varied virtual network that connects students with their ideal online German teacher. When you access the Classgap website you can filter your search by learning level, class price, the teacher's country of origin or by consulting all the information in the teacher's profile.

Now that you've discovered the most effective way to learn German online, let's take a look at the main benefits associated with mastering German in 2022. I'm sure you've already thought of a few!

6 benefits of learning German in 2022

1. Access to a large employment market with fair working conditions and well above-average remuneration.

Thanks to online German lessons, you will have access to jobs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and parts of Belgium, Italy and France. Not to mention remote work, which allows you to be hired by an international company without the need to change your place of residence.

2. A wide variety of alternatives at the academic environment

Education is another reason why it is worth taking German lessons online in 2022. If you have access to an Erasmus scholarship, it will be much easier for you to make the most of your stay in a German-speaking country to get a good academic performance, enter the job market or meet other people and get to know their culture and customs.

Another academic possibility when learning German online is to study a university degree in Germany itself, a country that has several scholarship programmes and many facilities for access to higher education in its universities. 

3. Specialisation

¿Sabías que el idioma alemán constituye, junto al inglés, la lengua más importante a nivel europeo en el ámbito científico? Pero es que si lo extrapolamos a nivel mundial resulta que está situado en el tercer escalón de importancia tras el inglés y el chino.

Un profesor de alemán online especializado puede aportar los recursos y herramientas necesarias para dominar lenguajes técnicos que te capaciten para consultar, modificar o incluso crear estudios, ensayos y todo tipo de contenidos relacionados con tu materia de conocimiento.  

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4. Getting to know Germanic culture

German culture has a very prominent presence in disciplines such as classical music, with masters like Beethoven, Schumann or Bach, philosophy, with figures like Nietzsche, Kant or Heidegger, or science, with Albert Einstein as a world reference or voices like Grete Hermann, the mathematician who, with her refutation of a theorem by John Von Neuman, had a decisive influence on the development of quantum mechanics.

Learning German online is the key to delve into all the cultural richness developed throughout history by these and other characters of Germanic origin.

5. It is true. German is quite similar to English

Some people think that learning German is very complicated. However, as a language of Germanic origin, it has many similarities with English. If you already speak German or have had some English lessons before, you will find it much easier to make progress in online German lessons.

6. Personal relationships

More than 100 million people in the world share German as their mother tongue. Do you know how many new people you could meet by learning German online? Travel without fear of not being able to communicate, find friends who share your interests and even meet a person who is similar to you for a partnership or a common life project. The possibilities are limitless and are all within your reach.


How to pass an exam with online German lessons

Getting access to the resources you need to pass a German exam is one of the greatest benefits of having a specialised online German teacher. When you get in touch with your new tutor, you can communicate your needs and goals to develop a tailor-made learning plan

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German conversation classes Online or face-to-face?

The choice of method for learning to speak German will depend on the personal circumstances of the student and the availability of training offers in their location.

Nowadays, with all the possibilities offered by the digital environment, online German conversation classes have become the most flexible and effective way to achieve good results.

In an environment like the one offered by Classgap, students can select their online German teacher anywhere in the world and receive tutoring at a time that best suits their schedule.

Have you started your online German lessons with Classgap yet? We've put together a useful article to help you reinforce your learning.