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5 keys for children to learn maths online

Is maths really difficult? are maths lessons for children outdated? can you make kids want to learn maths? When we talk about maths for kids with other parents and teachers, these are the questions that we all ask ourselves. Maths is the eternal unfinished business and we often tend to think that either you are good at maths or you are terrible at it, but this is not the case. Any child who sets his mind to it can go from hating maths to un...
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Online classes. Resources for secondary and high school students.

Compulsory Secondary Education and the Baccalaureate are decisive in the education of any person, as this is the time when one goes from being a child to an adult and it is a very complicated time in personal terms.  Moreover, during these years students have to make their own decisions and choices that will influence their professional future, so it is important that they are focused and have their objectives as clear as possible. The stag...
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How to get ready for back to school with online classes

September is coming and with it  the end of summer and the famous back to school. This is the time when we all have to start buying school supplies, organising our calendar, looking for extracurricular activities that our children will enjoy, doing our best to balance the schedules of all the members of our household and catching up on all that knowledge we have forgotten during the summer holidays. For them, summer lasts forever! And that ...
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How to organize your online lessons from home

Since the pandemic began, students are experiencing difficulties in their learning process. Not leaving home, having to adapt to an e-learning method, the lack of resources like a good working space or internet connection... These are some of the reasons that make it difficult for students to continue to enjoy a quality education. In Classgap we want to help you go through all these obstacles and make your learning process complete and full of q...
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Essential tools for online education

There are some essential tools for online education. Mostly to help you stay organized and especially to make the most of your formative experience. Furthermore, online learning is one of the best formative choices right now as a student but it can be challenging for newbies. The transition from face-to-face education to a digital one can be confusing. Having the right tools is very helpful to pave the way.  As a result, we’ve chosen the fu...
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Keys to learn a foreign language online

  Today, in a time when we no longer even ask ourselves the question of English proficiency, a lot of countries such as France or Spain are still a long way behind on the subject. Indeed, when we compare the way languages are learned in countries like Sweden or Germany and France, we quickly notice a big shift. For example, in these two countries, as in many others, it is completely normal to speak several languages fluently.  But now...
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Where to take online courses ?

With technology advances and our fast-paced lifestyle, education and the ways learning have evolved a lot, especially during the last few years. Indeed, our needs change and nowadays, willing to reconvert, to become independent, or even to reconciling a family life with a training is quite common. In order to meet this growing demand, more and more tools for distance training have been developed and are at everyone’s disposal. Everyone is now a...
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Why should you try online private lessons?

There are many prejudices about online tutoring and distance learning generally: the lessons are of poor quality, the students are not motivated, there is absolutely no contact with the teacher etc.  But these myths are fading more and more from the minds, and this is very good news! Nowadays, the number of people registered to an online course is three times bigger than when the concept started. The private lessons via webcam are developi...
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