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Tips to learn a new language online

How to improve at work with online English classes

We already know that learning English is important in many areas, but today we want to focus on the purely professional aspect. Knowing English in a company can bring you a lot of benefits: higher salaries, better working relationships, opening up to international markets, access to more information, etc. If you want to know all these benefits of learning English at work, don't miss this article. You may have some English now but do you think y...
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Tips to learn a language from home

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand how technologies have improved our daily lives. The world is at the palm of your hands. Nowadays, you can work, create, watch films or TV shows, and study all through your phone or computer. The limitless possibilities are a rather appealing proposition when talking about the virtual environment.  What’s even more appealing is that you can do all of these things from the comfort of your home. There’s no n...
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4 reasons to learn a language online

Nowadays, with globalization and the trade industry becoming more and more international, borders tend to disappear. For this reason, speaking a second language is no longer a plus but a necessity. Jobs requiring proficiency in several languages are becoming very common. But speaking a foreign language is not only beneficial at the professional level, it has an obvious impact on social life, the ability to adapt to a different culture, it's eve...
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Keys to learn a foreign language online

  Today, in a time when we no longer even ask ourselves the question of English proficiency, a lot of countries such as France or Spain are still a long way behind on the subject. Indeed, when we compare the way languages are learned in countries like Sweden or Germany and France, we quickly notice a big shift. For example, in these two countries, as in many others, it is completely normal to speak several languages fluently.  But now...
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