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Online English conversation classes

Lose your embarrassment and improve your pronunciation and fluency with online English conversation classes.
Choose one of our English teachers and start gaining fluency by practising with online speaking classes. You'll notice the progress in no time!

$7 /h 20 minute trial lesson




South Africa

Grammar, B2 First, PET (Preliminar English Test), Conversation, KET (Key English Test)

🅗🅔🅛🅛🅞 Do you want to practice speaking English ? OR Do you want to prepare for Cambridge exams(KET PET FIRST, CAE)? OR Are you preparing f...

$14 /h 20 minute trial lesson




United Kingdom

C1 Advanced, B2 First, PET (Preliminar English Test), Vocabulary, Conversation

I am very patient and friendly, I feel like my role is one of support and confidence building. In line with the TEFL methodology, only English is used...

$17 /h 20 minute trial lesson

4.9 Featured Teacher



United Kingdom

Business English, Conversation

Hi! My name is Sean Ashe, I’m 59 years old and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m originally from London, England where I was born and went to schoo...

$17 /h 20 minute trial lesson



Tiberius K.

United States

Business English, Conversation, Local culture, Job interview preparation, Vocabulary

Hello World! ;) If you want to learn English in ways that are Fun, Simple and Easy to Understand, then schedule a class with me! Hi, my name is Ty ...

$18 /h 20 minute trial lesson

5.0 Featured Teacher




C1 Advanced, B2 First, PET (Preliminar English Test), Business English, Conversation

Hello! For the past 6 years I have been living and teaching in Spain. I have taught English around the world to a wide range of people and now I am he...

$14 /h 20 minute trial lesson




United States

Grammar, Informal English, Phonetics, Vocabulary, Conversation

Hi there! My name is Gabrielle - I am originally from The United States but, I currently live in the Mediterranean country of Greece! I have been tut...

$12 /h 20 minute trial lesson



Becky B.


Grammar, Business English, Vocabulary, Conversation, Job interview preparation

Hey there!😄 I am Becky Adjodi, I have a degree in English Teaching from an accredited university in Nigeria and I have over 10 years of experience i...

$19 /h 20 minute trial lesson




United Kingdom

Local culture, Informal English, Conversation, Reading comprehension, Writing

Hey / hola / salut / bom dia! I'm Jass. I've been teaching many years now in different countries around the world, and during this time giving a lot o...

$18 /h 20 minute trial lesson

4.9 Featured Teacher



United Kingdom

C1 Advanced, B2 First, PET (Preliminar English Test), Conversation, Job interview preparation

Hi I'm Jacqueline , a native speaker of English from South West England. I have a perfect English accent, easy to understand and ideal for teaching co...

$24 /h 20 minute trial lesson




United Kingdom

C1 Advanced, B2 First, C2 Proficiency in English, Business English, Conversation

TO LEARN A LANGUAGE, FIRST YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO LEARN I am a native English teacher, born in Oxford, with more than 15 years of experience. In m...

$12 /h 20 minute trial lesson




United Kingdom

Informal English, Phonetics, Vocabulary, Conversation, Reading comprehension

Hello, my name is Michael, and I have a passion for teaching. With over 10 years of experience teaching various subjects, I am always interested in me...

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Online conversational English classes

What are the online English conversation classes like?

Online speaking classes at Classgap are 100% personalised. Once you choose the teacher that best suits you, you will share objectives and teaching methods to design together a strategy that will allow you to enjoy your English conversation classes and achieve your goals.
The classes will take place in Classgap's virtual classroom, our own videoconferencing system in which no detail is missing, we will make sure that your conversational English classes are as complete as possible. The classes will be adapted to the pace and requests you set for the teacher. We want you to come out of your classes fully prepared, so you will be the one who sets the pace.

How can I learn to speak fluent English?

Online English conversation classes are the best way to gain fluency in English. It's just you and your teacher so you can feel free to speak English and make mistakes as often as you need to, you have to make mistakes to learn from them and improve your speaking.
As your English teacher will be focused only on you and your progress, he/she will detect your most common mistakes, which words you find difficult to pronounce, and will make you learn to speak English much more quickly than if you were in a group class. Your teacher won't judge you, so forget embarrassment, it's the first step to becoming fluent in English.

Why is it better to practise English with a native speaker?

At Classgap we have made a shortlist of English teachers who specialise in online English conversation classes but you can also choose. You can decide if you want your teacher to be bilingual or if you want your teacher to be a native speaker and the whole class to be 100% in English.
We recommend that, if you are looking to learn to speak English and you already have some knowledge of the language, you should choose a teacher who does not know your mother tongue, this way you will be forced to communicate with him/her in English, accelerating your learning through constant practice.
In addition, with a native English teacher you will achieve a much better pronunciation and you will learn vocabulary and expressions in the language much more natural and up-to-date.

How long do I need to become fluent in English?

Every student is different, so we can't set the perfect number of lessons for you. The great thing about online speaking lessons at Classgap is that they are fully personalised and flexible which will give you the following advantages:
- You will review your progress with your teacher class by class, so you and your teacher will know when it's time to finish your lessons because you have reached the level you have set for yourself.
- The class schedule is totally flexible, you decide if you want to do 1, 2, 3 or however many classes you want per week. This will influence the time it will take you to achieve your goal with conversational English.
Although there is no set time frame in which we can guarantee that you will become fluent in English, from our experience we know that it is most common to book 2 online speaking classes per week to achieve your goal within 4 to 6 months.

Average price of online English classes

Native English teachers

16 $ USD/h

Non-native English teachers

14 $ USD/h

Average price of English lessons according to the country of the teacher

United States

United States

14 $ USD/h

South Africa

South Africa

11 $ USD/h

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

13 $ USD/h



12 $ USD/h