English test

Would you like to know what your English level is?

Find out your level in English with our online level test

English is an essential language for study, work, and even travel. You still don't know your English level? Try our free online English test. Stop procrastinating and start learning English as soon as possible.

Our English level test accurately checks the way you pronounce, as well as your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. But what does the English test consist of? The first part consists of 20 quick test questions. And once you have finished this part you only need a mobile phone or a computer with a microphone to test your speaking skills. Start the English level test now, it won't take you more than 10 minutes.

Although it is a quick and easy language test, you have no time limit so don't be in a hurry. Once you get your English test result, find a private English teacher online to continue improving and mastering it once and for all.

We wish you luck!