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Reasons to sign your child up for online English classes

Learning English opens many doors throughout life and it is much easier to do it at a young age. Nowadays, with so much going on, there doesn't seem to be time to take your children to and from their English classes. For that, there is a great solution: sign your child up for online English classes for children.

If you are wondering whether online English lessons are suitable for children, the answer is a clear yes, as there are several benefits. Not only because of the time you save on travel. Learning English online is a unique experience, which goes hand in hand with the most effective way of acquiring knowledge today: the latest technology.

If you don't know what level your child has, check it quickly and easily with our online English test, so you will know where you need to start, which teacher will be most suitable for their level and what objectives you can set for your child.

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Basic English vocabulary for children

Online classes for children offer many possibilities for interaction and exercises to acquire basic knowledge that are difficult to achieve in face-to-face classes.

The possibility of using audiovisual material and generating interactive dynamics with the students is very useful when learning English online, especially when it comes to children. But... what are these basic skills? The basic English vocabulary for children includes the following learning:

  • Colours, numbers, animals and objects in nature: under the guise of learning the alphabet, children are taught basic words such as colours, the names of animals, different foods familiar to them, some parts of the body and the numbers 1 to 10.
  • Introduction: this includes learning how to greet and introduce themselves by name, age and likes and dislikes. "Hello, my name is .... I am x years old and I like to ride my bike.
  • Basic verb tenses: this is when children learn to form basic sentences in the present tense and use the infinitive.

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In online classes for children your child will learn basic English vocabulary for children in a fun and relaxed way with songs, games and videos, making it easy for them to absorb the knowledge quickly and easily. In addition, the wide variety of online English teachers available ensures that you and your child will feel comfortable with whoever is teaching the class.


How to pass b1 with an online English teacher

One of the main reasons why most people fail b1 is because they don't really have the fluency to communicate. A person who passes b1 can be fluent in the different levels, which are:

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening 

With an online English teacher, you won't have this problem. The interactive dynamic of learning English online ensures that your child actually speaks English rather than studying and memorising concepts.

While most of the time the b1 is passed after the age of 12, taking online English classes with classgap could happen sooner, as online English classes for children often help students learn English with greater focus and speed.

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Classgap's online English classes ensure personalised follow-up. It is the teacher who goes at the student's pace and not the other way around, as happens in a large face-to-face class. This, far from slowing down learning, accelerates it because it increases the capacity to acquire knowledge. So the path is actually very simple:

  • Schedule lessons with an online English teacher who specialises in B1.
  • Help your child to be consistent: attend classes and practise regularly.
  • Sign your child up for the exam: the English teacher will let you know when your child is really ready to pass b1.

It sounds simple, but with perseverance and online English lessons, there is no difficulty. If you want your child to learn English and pass the B1 exam, find an online English teacher at Classap.


Learning English online: tips for kids

Now, some tips on how to get the most out of online English lessons for children.

  • Set up the space: online English lessons are interactive and fun. However, we recommend that they can have them in a place away from other stimuli such as toys, TV or any other object that may distract your child.
  • Set up a class schedule: children do best with routines. If they know in advance when their English class will be, they will look forward to it and it will be easier to fully immerse themselves in it.
  • Ask them about what they have learned: engage in English dialogues with your child, repeat with them the words they have learnt in the previous lesson before the next lesson several times. In this way, you check that you fix the knowledge. This may even be an excellent opportunity to learn English yourself.

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