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Alejandro D.


Thermodynamics, Physics (Mechanics), Fluid Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Electrical circuits

$ 9-15 /h free interview


Rajan P.


Physics (Mechanics)

I believe starting the lesson by giving real life questions and telling to solve or try to solve the...

$ 9-15 /h free interview



Thermodynamics, Basic Physics, Physical Optics, Physics (Mechanics)

Hi! My name is Carolina and I'm about to get a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering. I have done ...

$ 15-21 /h free interview




Basic Physics

I will classify my classes according to two types. The first one is an "explanatory" class, i.e. mor...

$ 12-20 /h free interview


Eva G.


Basic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Physical Optics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism

I give mathematics, physics and chemistry from primary level to university level, and various basic ...

$ 9-15 /h free interview


Vicent P.


Basic Physics, Thermodynamics, Physical Optics, Electromagnetism, Nuclear Physics

Physicist and philosopher, with more than 10 years giving both private and group classes, physics, c...

$ 17-25 /h free interview


Wilson J.


Basic Physics, Electrical circuits, Electrodynamics

$ 14-20 /h free interview




Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics

I'm a mechanical engineering bachelor's degree student from India and I'm looking forward to exagger...

$ 9-15 /h free interview

Carlos D.


Basic Physics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Physical Optics, Nuclear Physics

$ 12-19 /h free interview


Jorge Q.


Physics (Mechanics)

I am an Electrical Engineer with a passion towards teaching. I work as a researcher and teaching ass...

$ 11-19 /h free interview

Aleem N.

United Kingdom

Physics, Chemistry, Maths

Professor of mathematics, physics and chemistry for more than 15 years. I teach in private lessons f...

$ 31-37 /h free interview

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