Top five countries to be a teacher

Leaving to work abroad is a big adventure. More so if you want to work as a teacher. You not only have to face the cultural shock, but also a new language and probably the idiosyncrasies of the natives. It is a challenge that one must not take lightly. However, it can become an unbelievable and life-changing experience.  

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Before deciding this, you must be prepared. The world is big and there are a lot of places to explore. The teacher’s role is not the same in every country. There are some factors they must be taken into account before emigrating for work. 

  • Salaries: salaries may depend on your qualifications, the position you occupy and the country you choose. 
  • Labor conditions: it’s important to know your contract clauses, the work hours, holidays… Every country has different requirements and labor conditions. Beware. 
  • Respect: some cultures tend to view the teacher in a different lens as what we may be used to. This is a factor that determines, for example, the size and number of students per class for example. 
  • Education system: a different culture is the equivalent of a new education system. It is important to be informed about what may change and adapt. 

According to these categories, some studies have published a list of the best countries for a teacher. We have chosen a few. 

Top five countries for a teacher

If you are planning on being a full-time teacher abroad, here you have  the best countries to work:



You don't have to travel far to find a good job. The first country we've chosen inside the E.U. is Luxembourg. This beautiful and warm nation is a perfect choice.

In the first place, the minimum wage of a standard teacher surpasses by far the salary of a veteran teacher anywhere else. And the money offers a higher chance of a better quality of life. In the second place, labor conditions encourage individual professional development in the best environments on a European level. Although earning a wage in online tutoring allows you to set your own price and decide how much you earn

And last but not least, people are welcoming and open to the entrepreneurs who want to teach in their country. The procedures to get a working visa, for example, are easy and quick. 

Dare to discover this fascinating multicultural nation!


This country occupies second place on our list. Besides its lustful mountains and clear-looking lakes, it's a great choice if you want to work in the E.U. as a teacher.

Switzerland is also one of the best countries where teachers are better paid. The payrolls are exceptionally good, even though the cost of living there is high.  More so if we compare it to other careers and jobs, which tend to have worse salaries. Moreover, they have an excellent education system open to development and formation for teachers as well as students. 

On top of that, their labor conditions are outstanding. As a result, Switzerland is a great and sensible choice for teachers everywhere. 

South Korea

The third country on our list is a little bit farther away, in the Asian continent to be more specific. This region, known for its lively and intoxicating culture, is also an excellent choice for teachers everywhere. 

South Korea has earned this position by a long shot. One of the reasons is that teachers' salaries are the highest in the world. In multiple rankings, South Korea has a spot as being the country that pays teachers best. 

The education system is radically different because it is all about memorization and logic. However, for the students, respecting the teacher is a must. Sometimes teachers have higher status than doctors or lawyers. 


Japan occupies a very high position in our ranking. This country is quite culturally rich and eclectic, also a grand choice for a teacher. 

In terms of salaries, it can be hard to pinpoint an exact number.  That's because even though the job is well-paid, the payroll depends on the position you occupy. It may vary depending on whether it's your first time or you've been doing for years. 

Japanese is also known for viewing the teacher as a figure of utmost respect and admiration. As a result, the labor conditions are incomparable. 

Arab Emirates

This region, with its endless deserts and vertiginous skyscrapers, is our fifth choice. It's a very well-regarded destination for people that want to expand their horizons while also working as a teacher. 

For the past few years, AE has been the witness of an unheard growth in international schools and academies of foreign languages. Teachers, mainly foreigners and English speakers, have exceptional payroll and labor conditions. 

These are some of the best countries for a full-time job as a teacher. However, if you don't want to be chained to a particular schedule and want to spend your time traveling around the world, the best option is to become an online teacher. If you have a computer with a good camera and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere. And  Classgap is the platform for you. Classgap is a platform that connects online teachers with students who need tutoring. Teach whenever you want wherever you want, at your own pace.  


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