Online English conversation classes: the most effective method

When we set out to study English we all seek to achieve a good level quickly and easily. Nowadays we live in a hurry and we have just enough time to invest in activities other than daily obligations and work. 

We are sorry to tell you that learning English and achieving a high level requires time and dedication, contrary to what you may have read in hundreds of blogs. So, if you are willing to dedicate a part of your day to it, keep reading this blog and you will discover why conversation classes are one of the most effective methods to learn English. 

There are countless courses and types of English classes, so why choose English conversation classes when there are general courses? The answer to this question will depend on your previous knowledge of the language. 

If you already know some grammar rules, you are more or less good at writing and reading in English but you are not able to hold a conversation fluently, you struggle with pronunciation or you have no one to practice the language with, online English conversation classes are the perfect choice for you.

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In Classgap we have specialized conversation tutors, you can choose if you want your tutor to be a native speaker and force you to speak English during the whole class, or if you prefer to be bilingual in your native language. 

If you are hesitating whether to sign up for online English conversation classes, in this article you will find the definitive answer to the question: "English conversation classes online or face-to-face?"

Benefits of online English conversation classes

Knowing how to speak English is the pending task of the vast majority of population around the world, we know that right now you think it is very difficult to achieve it, but we are here to help you.

Learning a language from a place where it is not used as an official language is very complicated because we do not have access to a real context of the language, we read dialogues and texts in books, we practice listening, but we do not maintain a natural and real conversation with any person in the street in our day to day, therefore, we do not really know how natives usually speak.

Online English conversation classes will bring you closer to the reality of the language and will allow you to put into practice all your knowledge of English, its advantages are several:

  • You get closer to real life: you learn things in a natural way that you will be able to apply to everyday situations in real life. You will be ready to successfully face any situation and you will be able to develop the language in society, which is usually the purpose for which most people study English.
  • They are more fun: they are much more interactive online classes, in which you seek to flow, breaking the monotony of doing the typical exercises of a normal class. You can discuss a wide variety of interesting topics with your tutor.
  • You will improve your listening: online English conversation classes allow you to educate your ear, to maintain a conversation it is important to understand what our interlocutor is telling us and speaking classes are also very useful to practice this skill.

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  • Lose your fear: it is normal that when you are going to talk to someone in another language you panic to make a mistake, lack of practice makes us hesitate. With Classgap's online conversation classes you will gain confidence as you will be alone with your tutor, you will notice how you feel more and more comfortable interacting with him/her in English.
  • Improve your pronunciation: these classes are perfect for perfecting your pronunciation and intonation in English. If you do them with a native speaker, he/she will correct you more accurately and it will be easier for you to develop a super natural pronunciation.
  • You will get more vocabulary and fluency: one of the great side benefits of this type of classes is that, without realizing it, you will increase your English vocabulary list. When you have to speak in English you will inevitably strain your brain looking for the perfect words and expressions. All this will make you gain fluency quickly, after several classes you will see how you are able to maintain an everyday conversation without problems, you will have lost the fear of making mistakes and you will have improved your comprehension.

The perfect method to learn English 

Speaking is the least practiced skill and, although there is no magic formula that will make you be able to speak English in a week, there are certain practices that combined together can greatly facilitate the learning process. I

If you don't know where to start, follow our tips and you will achieve your goal of having a conversation in English. We have selected 5 steps that, for us, form the perfect method to learn to speak English. Follow them and let us know if you also get effective results:

  • Step 1: Sign up for online English classes.

Classgap is the perfect platform to take your speaking classes online. Discover our platform and book an online English class with a native tutor. He will teach you to pronounce correctly and to speak both naturally and using more formal expressions.

We have our own virtual classroom that will make your English conversation classes very complete, an online tool that includes a whiteboard, online document editing, etc. In addition, Classgap offers great flexibility to students as it allows you to select what budget you are willing to pay, what days and times you want to do your classes and where you are going to do them from.


The teachers have a resume, a personal presentation video and reviews from other students that can be consulted, as well as a 20-minute free trial that you can do before the first class in which you will get to know the tutor and form a slight idea of what the online English conversation classes will be like.

  • Step 2: Choose a native tutor:

If what you want is to learn to speak English you will have to leave your fears behind and book a class with a native tutor. It is normal to think that you will not understand him/her well or that it will be difficult to ask him/her questions if you do not communicate well in his/her language, but you will soon see how making this decision will be great for you. 

During the whole hour-long class you will be practicing English, you will learn to pronounce words correctly and with the perfect accent, you will learn typical English expressions and you will surely learn to maintain a much more natural conversation than if your tutor were bilingual.

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  • Step 3: Practice at home:

To learn to speak English you have to practice it constantly and this involves doing it in your free time as well. It is recommended that you try speaking out loud, for this you can use various techniques such as recording a video diary in English, describing what you see out loud, recounting the actions you do throughout the day in English, trying to talk to your family and friends in English, etc. 

  • Step 4: Take a trip:

We know this is not an affordable option for everyone, but it is what experts recommend the most. By visiting an English-speaking country you will be able to see if you have really learned something in your online English conversation classes. 


The opportunities you will have to practice the language will be very varied, and we assure you that if you travel knowing the language of the destination country you will enjoy your vacation much more, you will understand better the culture around you and you will meet a lot of new people with whom you will interact without any worries.

  • Step 5: Surround yourself with English culture:

Many experts recommend that when studying a language we completely immerse ourselves in its culture to fully soak in the learning. Some of the things they recommend doing are: 

- Set the language on your cell phone to English.

- Change the TV language to English

- Watch movies and series in English without subtitles.

- Read books in English

- Watch and make typical English recipes

- Listen to podcasts in English

Now that you know all the advantages that Classgap's English conversation classes can bring you, don't wait any longer and book your online class - it's the perfect time to embark on the adventure of online learning!