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Learn English online for the workplace

That learning English is important is a fact that we all know, but that it is essential to continue learning in the workplace is something that is not so clear to us.

Many of us prepare our level of English for job interviews, in case questions arise during the interview, or interviewers want to check that we really know how to handle a conversation in English, but what happens once we are chosen and get the job?

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It is very important not to stop training until we reach the level of English that we are looking for and that the company demands One good way to combine our professional life and our personal training are online English classes, with platforms such as Classgap you will have the necessary freedom to combine your English classes with the rest of your day to day activities.


How to improve in your job with online English classes

As you can imagine, improving your level of English will bring you a lot of benefits in your professional life that go far beyond the purely economic. We have listed a few of them below:

  • Access to relevant information: the majority of essays, reports, and articles that are written today in many sectors are only produced in English because it is the most widely known language. If you have a good level of English you will be able to access relevant information in your professional sector, you will be up to date with the latest developments in your field and you will not be left behind.
  • Access to better job offers: knowing English will make you stand out from other candidates, which is essential so you don't feel tied down in your current job. The private sector is sometimes very uncertain and knowing that you can apply for another job at any time will give you the peace of mind you need. In addition, knowing English will allow you to apply for more qualified jobs and, therefore, with much higher salaries.

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  • Opportunities abroad: why stay in your home country when you can experience living abroad for a period of time. Knowing English will make it easier for you to find a job. Or maybe you're an entrepreneur and want to open up to international markets, so English language skills are essential. 
  • Expand your professional contacts: knowing English will open up a wealth of opportunities in your social environment at work. Many of your colleagues will probably be foreigners and, if not, you will probably have business relationships with people who are. Knowing English and being fluent in these situations can help you enormously. In addition, meeting new people and opening your mind to other cultures will be enriching for you.
  • Easier promotion: to be in charge of important projects or hiring people in a company, it is essential to know English. These are all high-level jobs for which you will need to learn English online if you want to be in one of these positions.

False friends in the workplace

If you already speak some English, you will already know the famous False friends, the most dangerous words in the vocabulary. As it is important to give a good image and show that we do have the level of English that we add in our CV, we have compiled the most common ones for you.

Carpet - Alfombra Carpeta - Folder
Date - Cita Datos - Data
Signature - firma Asignatura - Firma
Advertise - Anunciar Advertir - Warn
Envy - Envidiar Enviar - Send
Career - Carrera profesional Carrera universitaria - Degree
Lecture - Conferencia Lectura - Reading

If you already control the false friends don't miss this article in which we tell you how learning English online will help you to grow professionally.

Online English classes at Classgap

Finally, we would like to tell you why online English classes at Classgap will become your great ally in maintaining a satisfying and quality professional life:

  • You won't waste time: in the working environment a thousand unforeseen events and needs can arise and have to be solved quickly, which is why it is important to have a quick and efficient resource such as Classgap's online English classes. Whenever it is, you are sure to have an English teacher ready to help you achieve your goals.
  • Choice of teachers: with online classes, you have the option to choose the teacher that best suits your needs. At Classgap, you can choose whether you want a native or bilingual teacher, consult our wide range of verified teachers to find the one who can meet your objectives. 

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  • The quality of the teaching: the classes are 100% personalised, you will be able to find a teacher who is an expert in your field or a native speaker with experience in your field. This method allows you to adapt the level and content of learning to each individual student, without forcing you to follow the level or interests of a group of fellow students.
  • Lose your embarrassment and practice: online classes make students feel less intimidated and lose their embarrassment, which is essential for practising and becoming fluent in the language in order to communicate fluently in meetings. Also, as there are no other people in the class, it is normal to participate more, as you lose the fear of making mistakes sooner.

How it works

From here, the next step is to check out how the online platform works, sign up for free (it will only take you 1 minute), choose the teacher that best fits what you are looking for and... Start making the most of your job!