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How to find an English tutor online

English has become essential in the world of work, where in many fields it is taken for granted that potential candidates can express themselves and understand the language. 

Despite the fact that English is a language that is already studied at school, there are many teenagers and adults who often look for online English courses with private tutors to improve their written and spoken level. There are several reasons for this: school children may find it difficult to study grammar or learn vocabulary, while adults may need to reacquaint themselves with the language because they may not have practiced it since high school.

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You may also be thinking about taking private English lessons: you want to take an online English b1 course, an online first certificate course and learn the basics of the language, perhaps to make a good trip or to make your CV more interesting in the eyes of an employer. The problem is that you have your hands full and you don't think you can fit private English lessons into your week. 

In this case, we may suggest you look for an online English tutor so you can better manage your time and have more flexibility.

Where to find an English tutor online

If the idea of online English courses seems peculiar to you, you should know that nowadays many private tutors take advantage of the web to give classes. If you think about it, this is a really convenient method for a tutor, as you can organize your work from home with total comfort. 

Online English lessons allow you to study with a tutor directly from home, using a video call program. This way, you can learn English without having to leave your home and better organize your schedule. 

Interested in the online English b1 course? Well, now you just have to find your online English tutor. How? Very simple, all you have to do is register on Classgap. On this site, you will find a lot of tutors willing to give online English lessons. 

Find your english online tutor

  • Check out the profiles: to choose your online English tutor, you first have to make a selection. Each tutor on Classgap has a personal profile that you can visit, to find information about the tutor's specialization, the age groups they teach and much more. 
  • Contact the tutor: once you have found the tutor who inspires you the most and seems to suit your needs, you can contact him or her via private message. In the message, we suggest that you briefly explain what your goals are and include your name, email and/or phone number.
  • Take a trial lesson: some online English tutors at Classgap offer a free trial lesson. We suggest you take advantage of it, both to get to know the tutor and to see if online classes are really for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of online English classes

Like everything else, online English classes can have advantages and disadvantages. That's why we invite you to consider them, to see if they can really be the right solution for you.

  • Flexibility: the convenience of private online English lessons is undoubtedly their main advantage, especially for those who are already very busy with work or family commitments. Depending on your tutor's availability, you can schedule online classes on different days and times to fit English study into your weekly schedule. If your tutor is available, there is nothing stopping you from taking classes on the weekend. 
  • Focused study: Your online English tutor will focus 100% on achieving your goals, helping you study with an alternative teaching method based on your knowledge of English and what you want to learn. If you want to pass the online first course, all your lessons will be focused on that.
  • Additional material: during the online English lessons, the tutor can send you links to websites, videos and other items for you to view on your PC. Additional material is ideal for further study, which can give you an extra edge in studying grammar, language listening and pronunciation.

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  • PC use: for some people, using a PC to do the classes is a disadvantage. If you are not very familiar with a video call program or have never used one, you may have some difficulty and prefer face-to-face classes.
  • Human contact: the other disadvantage of online classes is the lack of contact with the tutor, with whom you can only interact through a webcam and microphone. For many, especially younger students, this is a problem, as they are more easily distracted.

If after comparing the pros and cons of online English lessons you are convinced and want to give it a try, sign up with Classgap and find your ideal tutor now.