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$ 44 /h 15 minute trial lesson




Chemistry, Maths, Physics

Hi, If your child is struggling at school or could need some help to improve his/her approach to st...

$ 13 /h 15 minute trial lesson

Sidharth S.


Inorganic Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Hey Guys, So i am available to teach a broad variety of lessons and topics. My lessons are split int...

$ 16 /h 15 minute trial lesson

Sarah B.

United States

Basic Chemistry, Biochemistry

My area of expertise is the sciences, particularly biological sciences. I also am skilled at proofre...

$ 22 /h 15 minute trial lesson



Basic Chemistry

Hi! My name is Marc, I graduated in Physics and I'm passionate about mathematics, which are my major...

$ 14 /h 15 minute trial lesson

Laura R.


Chemistry, Maths

I want to give lesson because I would like to transmit what I has learnt. My aim is that the student...

$ 16 /h 15 minute trial lesson

Maria G.


Basic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry

Hello! I was a teaching assistant and part time tutor of the General Ecology Unit at the University ...

$ 9 /h 15 minute trial lesson



Basic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Are you looking for reinforcement in science for you or for your kids? Did you change schools and ar...

$ 14 /h 15 minute trial lesson



Basic Chemistry

$ 14 /h 15 minute trial lesson




Chemistry, Physics, Maths

Physics student

$ 12 /h 15 minute trial lesson

Anahit M.


Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

I teach based on how I learnt myself. Having attended institutions with extremely contrasting method...

$ 13 /h 15 minute trial lesson


One of the most popular tutors



Organic Chemistry, Basic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Hello! My name is Javier, I am a biotechnologist who is currently doing a master's degree in biomedi...

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