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Online Biochemistry tutors

$28 /h
Free 20 min. trial


United Kingdom

New Tutor

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Pharmaceutical chemistry Organic Chemistry

Online pharmaceutical chemistry tutor with more than 10 years experience

Hi. I am Mohammed Al Amiedy. I have a PhD in pharmacy from the University of Nottingham. I have more than 10 years of teaching pharmacy subjects with ...

$11 /h
Free 20 min. trial



22 lessons

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Chemistry Organic Chemistry Basic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Analytical chemistry

I recently graduated in Biotechnology, passing exams in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other more characteristic exams. I offer tutoring...

$11 /h
Free 20 min. trial






23 lessons

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Physicochemistry Stoichiometry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Analytical chemistry

PhD in Chemistry. 5 years of experience teaching. Let´s start our class!

Hi! I am Nataly. I am a Chemist, graduated from the National University of Colombia. I have recently completed my PhD in Electrochemistry at the Unive...

$18 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Eric Featured


255 lessons

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Organic Chemistry Carbon chemistry

Professional Organic chemistry/Biochemistry tutoring. Classes in English or Spanish

Hello! I'm Eric, I have a PhD in Biotecnology and I'm here to offer you professional tutoring on biology and natural sciences in general with a practi...

$36 /h
Free 20 min. trial






92 lessons

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Chemistry Stoichiometry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Analytical chemistry

Teacher with 10 years of experience gives lessons from the age of 6 onwards!

Hi! Since the early years of university I have always given private lessons but especially during my PhD years, having been assistant to my Professor ...

$15 /h
Free 20 min. trial




Manuel J.


1254 lessons

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Organic Chemistry Basic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

Hello!! My name is Manuel Jesús Cabello Garrido. I have a degree of Chemistry in the University of Seville and I also have a Master. I have been teach...

$11 /h
Free 20 min. trial

Saeed U.

United Arab Emirates

New Tutor

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Chemistry Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Applied chemistry Analytical chemistry

Struggling with Chemistry or feeling lost in Biology? Don't let science classes hold you back! Experienced and passionate tutor in offers personalize...

$9 /h
Free 20 min. trial

Saman A.


New Tutor

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Chemistry Stoichiometry Organic Chemistry Basic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

A dedicated IGCSE/O/A-level Chemistry tutor

Hello! This is Saman Ali having a master's degree in Biochemistry and a bachelor's degree in education with an experience of almost 15 years of teachi...

$13 /h
Free 20 min. trial






45 lessons

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Physicochemistry Stoichiometry Organic Chemistry Basic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

Hello! I am Dr. Sebastian, I am Argentine like Messi and the Pope and I am doing my specialty in Cardiology. I teach at the university and I also prep...

$9 /h
Free 20 min. trial



New Tutor

Teaches: Chemistry

Biochemistry Pure chemistry Chemistry Basic Chemistry Carbon chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry Online tutor with three years of simplified and interactive sessions.

Hello! I am Phil Adeyeye, a Chemistry and Biology teacher. I have a degree in Biochemistry from the Lagos State University, Nigeria, and a Master's de...

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Frequently asked questions about online biochemistry lessons

🤔 Why take biochemistry lessons online?

There are several reasons why you might consider taking lbiochemistry classes online. Firstly, online chemistry classes allow you to study when and where you like, allowing you to fit your study schedule into your daily routine. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for students who work or have other commitments.

Online university tutoring sessions are often conducted by experienced and qualified professors in the field of biochemistry. This gives you the opportunity to learn from people with extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Also, if you are looking for online exam help, be aware that many lectures include interactive learning materials, such as videos, quizzes, exercises and virtual labs. These tools can make the learning process more engaging and effective.

💡 Online exam help for studying biochemistry: what are the advantages?

By taking biochemistry classes online, you will have access to a variety of additional resources, such as recommended readings, scientific articles and discussion forums. These resources can help you develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

Biochemistry is an ever-evolving discipline, with new discoveries and research constantly emerging. Online chemistry lectures can be more up-to-date than traditional textbooks, allowing you to keep up with the latest developments.

Finally, online biochemistry classes can be more convenient than face-to-face classes, as they eliminate the need to travel or purchase expensive textbooks.

💸 What is the average price of online biochemistry lessons?

The price of online chemistry classes may vary depending on the reputation and quality of the educational institution offering the course. Accredited universities and institutions tend to have higher costs than lesser-known online education platforms.

Biochemistry classes can then be offered at the bachelor's, master's or doctoral level. The level of education affects the cost of tuition, with higher-level courses generally more expensive. Taking university classes online will certainly be more expensive than simple school-level chemistry tutorials.

🧑‍🔬 Can I find specialised online biochemistry exam help tutors on Classgap?

Of course! Many tutors on Classgap offer online biochemistry lessons and personalised support to prepare for biochemistry exams by giving online university classes..

You can find your tutor for online chemistry lessons by logging onto the site and using the search function on the platform to search for teachers specialising in biochemistry. You can enter keywords such as 'biochemistry', 'online biochemistry exam help' or 'biochemistry tutor' in the search bar

Remember that the availability of teachers and their prices may vary, so you may want to explore more options to find the biochemistry teacher that best meets your needs. Also, make sure that the teacher has specific experience in helping you with online biochemistry exams, as this is an important aspect of your preparation for university exams.