The education of the future: online classes with private tutors

It seems unbelievable, but the future of education is already here. Although it was expected in the near future, the pandemic has accelerated some changes that will lead to modify the entire educational system in the near future. The technological revolution will change the traditional way of learning and will change the roles of students, teachers and parents.

The Internet will become a very important source for the development of children's knowledge, English will be consolidated as the global language of education and education will become more expensive and will last a lifetime. Experts assure that the master class will disappear and the teacher will become the student's guide.

We will see transformations in the relationship between students, teacher hierarchy, timetables and the inclusion of new subjects. But how will all this affect the different roles in education? We explain:  


Before the advent of the Internet, teachers were the only source of information and knowledge, but the Internet has taken over everything and students can find on the network much of what is explained in class. This will make teachers to become facilitators and guides, rather than transmitters of knowledge.

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Teachers are going to have to join the fight against fake news, teaching their students that they must be critical of information, that not everything on the internet is correct and that it is very important to find reliable sources.

Experts say that new methodologies for teaching classes will be consolidated, such as the flipped classroom, which consists of the children preparing the classes on their own and giving a presentation in the classroom, while the teacher accompanies them. In this way, each student will be able to adapt learning to his or her own pace.


Students will have access to more sources of information and knowledge. They will have a more universal and less localist mentality, they will become citizens who, through learning, will find a way to meet their needs. A more personalized dossier will be established for each student.

There will be no line separating who teaches from who learns. Students will be more demanding, seek out online tutoring and invest more money in their education. With online training, schedules will change completely and the line between school and home will blur. There will be no fixed hours for classes, nor will there be a school schedule as we know it today, from 9am to 2pm.

Social life will be more limited and the gang concept will cease to exist. With online classes, students will have a personalized education and will not share with others that may affect their learning pace.

The educational model of the future

One of the main criticisms of the current educational model is that it does not respond precisely to the needs of each child.  In the future, online tutoring will take into account the specific needs of each student, their abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

The presence of social networks in education is notable in applications such as videoconferencing and group chats. However, it is expected to go further and integrate face-to-face and virtual learning more effectively.

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Hybrid learning, mixing face-to-face and online, will have a very relevant role in the education of the future and has already been demonstrated during the months of confinement. This educational model encourages the use of creativity on the part of both students and teachers, as the former become content creators and the latter have to find innovative ways to present their material. Students will also be able to face everyday problems related to the technological area.

During the last few months it has been demonstrated that online tutoring is the imminent future and that it has many advantages.

  • A personalization of teaching with student-centered methodologies.
  • A new approach that values the student's skills and competencies in order to better adapt their learning.
  • The use of digital technologies in teaching, with the use of artificial intelligence applied to the above.

Educational systems are immersed in a global model change. The technological revolution is calling into question each and every one of the sacred structures of education. The goal of education in the coming years should be to guide students in their learning and training.

The concept of the learner 2.0 is being created and will be accompanied by significant changes in the educational model. Online tutoring will go from being a simple support for review to being part of the central axis of education.

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