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"Exploring Mathematics: Empowering Minds with the Experience of Decades in IB & GCSE"

Hi there! My name is PRANJAL, I am a Mathematics Teacher, I teach -Middle school and High-school scholars I can help you in Mathematics using my innovative teaching style and proper guidance. I have 10 year's of experience in the field of teaching online as well as offline classes of IB and IGCSE curriculum. If you are not that confident related to any concept do not worry about, I was also a student of middle school and high school like you and I used to struggle a lot with the basic concepts...

Hi there! My name is PRANJAL, I am a Mathematics Teacher, I teach -Middle school and High-school scholars I can help you in Mathematics using my innovative teaching style and proper guidance. I have 10 year's of experience in the field of teaching online as well as offline classes of IB and IGCSE curriculum. If you are not that confident related to any concept do not worry about, I was also a student of middle school and high school like you and I used to struggle a lot with the basic concepts of mathematics and eventually it turned into math's-phobia it was only until a private teacher could help me that I was able to master them. But today I got to know that it was not me who was scared of math it was all about not getting proper support and remedial sessions. I got to know that every type of educational educational system has some drawbacks and shortcomings which needs to be redefined because it makes students vulnerable and develops woe , after going through such conditions we com into the play because our task is to focus on individual subject and kid where it is needed and give that much necessary support to carry out the studies, Initially I will explain the concepts and ask you to solve some sort of worksheets provided which will help you to get some confidence, fill the gaps and also help you to understand that I am a suitable person for all your learning requirements. I will organize a free 20 min session where we can discuss about the difficulties faced by you and pre-plan upcoming sessions. My Qualifications and teaching experience- I got Master's degree in Mathematics with the knowledge of pedagogy (M.Sc in Mathematics Education) from University of Delhi. I have also got teaching certificate that is: Bachelor's in Education(B.Ed) (teaching certificate mandatory for teaching in India) from NCERT(NATIOIONAL COUNIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING). Let me show my skills and make mathematics easier than ever. I have been teaching online(2016) as well as offline(2012) since 2012. I have taught more than thousand kids and got enormous skills which lead the learners towards better conceptual understanding and clarification I have also taught learners from various nations and have idea of dealing with variety of curriculum from countries like (United kingdom, France, Asian countries, USA, Canada, Australia and many Gulf countries). I always make my class interactive. I take help of animated videos to explain difficult concepts. Uses various tools like geogebra and concept maps to explain the graphs and equations. Teaching over the years, I also have a wide range of collection of books, practice questions and study sources from which I provide students to practice. Some regular homework helps to understand the subject very well. You can book a lesson with me directly before two hrs . If you have any questions please text me, let me know about your learning requirements and plan the session accordingly. I n the 20 min free session \we can discuss, and work forward towards an interactive and interesting session :-) I am waiting for your text enthusiastically, Book the trail session and lets start :-).

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    • Trigonometry
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Very innovative and funny teacher he made mathematics a Fun for me. Thanks for such intresting lecture sir.
Anjali Pandey
He is a fantastic teacher and helped me with everything I needed he has the resources to keep your learning process constantly evolving i am delighted.
Vaibhav pandey
It was a good experience having a session with Pranjal he is very joyful and his way of explaining concept is very very interesting I like the way he explained trigonometry using daily life examples also he is very passionate teacher with high energy and efficiency. Pranjal demons so much from his students which is a good thing he try to engage the learner throughout the session I never felt boring I learned a lot and hope I'll keep plan from you thanks
Hari nair
I was one of the week students in my class, somehow i get to know about this app and booked classes from Pranjal sir. I just came back to thank you sir and this platform who helped me to score 76/80. Thanks a lot for your wonderful teaching and guidance sir. You are one of the best teacher in my life I got to know
Jessica Blinken
Pranjal is a good teacher his explanation is full of knowledge and interesting facts. He uses various tools which makes complex topics easier to understand.
He is innovative and I liked his way of teaching. It was a Nice experience!
Vihaan Saha
Pranjal Sir is a really good teacher. He explains the concepts really well and has a good, humorous approach towards every question. He takes all the concepts deeply and uses videos, other book references to make it more clear. Even when asked to explain once more, he doesn't hesitate. Overall, I am really enjoying my classes with him and would look further to take higher classes with him :)
My son had a trial session with Pranjal and we are lucky to get a teacher who is passionate about his subject and teaching methodology used, we are going to continue with Pranjal.
Pranjal is very nice teacher, he explains subject matter using multiple tricks and modes like related videos and various concepts that you can later use in diffrent subjects like physics and other mathematical topics, It was nice session and I would like to continue with pranjal.
He gave very detailed, step-by-step explanations, I understood the concepts, he was very friendly as well as funny . Awesome Experience.
His way of teaching is very innovative and relatable. He is very useful tutor and explain topic with the help of videos and mathematical tools. Enjoyed session with Pranjal. Recommended to all. THANKS.
Pranjal is very dedicated and passionate teacher, he includes humor and makes class interesting , he is a good person also 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Fred Winfield
He is a great teacher, he is so funny and interesting #highly recommended thanks for taking such an interactive session.
I took a twenty minute trial session and it went educational and the discussion with Pranjal was constructive. He helped me solve few questions and his explanation was easy to catch up on. Pranjal is highly recommended to middle school kids and so on.
Had a great first class with Pranjal! He is engaging and explains concepts well. Looking forward to more classes.
Shaurya Bhati
He is a good teacher 😊
Willian Corrêa Jornalista
Pranjal is a nice and fun person, patient with his student, and really good at teaching.
Akshit Yadav
He is a wonderful turor🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍
Giedre Jancyte-Vasiliauske
good teacher
Karim Sghaier
Very good class. Pranjal has a great pedagogical way to teach and make math fun and attractive to kids
I improved my basic understanding in one of the tough lessons. he prepared lesson and explained with the help of some exercises worksheets and notes and asked me to solve them during session, It was very helpful and boosted my confidence. Also, he sends the notes after the lesson so that you do not miss any important concept during the session. I really recommend taking math lessons with Mr Pranjal , I am going to complete my course with Pranjal as he also taught some basic hacks to do fast calculation in topics like trigonometry, algebra, number system and geometry almost every topic he will teach you something that you have never gone through, I would also recommend others who need a good tutor for middle school topics, Thank You. I would have rated you more than 5 stars if there was an option for that.
Lu Ye
He was kind and patient, and his help was greatly appreciated.
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Certification Teachers Certificate
Degree Bachelor Of Science
Master/Postgraduate M.Sc (Mathematics Educaton)
Certification Best Online Tutor Of The Region.
Certification Mathematics Education Research Scholar From University Of Delhi
Certification Information And Communication Technology In Education
Degree Ielts Band 7
Certification Best Scholar Of Masters
Degree Certified Teacher By Ncert(National Council Of Education And Research Training)
Degree Interpersonal Skills Studying
Certification Certified Virtual Tutor (9000+ Hrs Of Experience)
Degree Ict In Primary Education Studying
Master/Postgraduate Certified Teacher By Ibo (International Baccalaureate) Studying

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