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🚀Obvious "Chinese Improving" in 2-3 Months ! 🎯Result-oriented 💼Business / Trade / Work Chinese 👶Teach Kids 🏆Teach Zero Basis 🔊Topic-oriented Speaking 🅿Pinyin 📚Reading 📝Writing 💯HSK Test ⚙️Tools to Help Memorize/Practice 📚DIY Reading Materials __________________________ What's up, I'm Lukars. Born in 📌China. Live in 🌲Hangzhou (close to Shanghai). So far, I have travelled to ✈️Europe, US, UK, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand (adding more ......) 🎓I have a Bechalor's Degree of Interna...

🚀Obvious "Chinese Improving" in 2-3 Months ! 🎯Result-oriented 💼Business / Trade / Work Chinese 👶Teach Kids 🏆Teach Zero Basis 🔊Topic-oriented Speaking 🅿Pinyin 📚Reading 📝Writing 💯HSK Test ⚙️Tools to Help Memorize/Practice 📚DIY Reading Materials __________________________ What's up, I'm Lukars. Born in 📌China. Live in 🌲Hangzhou (close to Shanghai). So far, I have travelled to ✈️Europe, US, UK, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand (adding more ......) 🎓I have a Bechalor's Degree of International Business in Zhejiang University. 💗LOVE teaching Mandarin. **I have a standard accent. 💗LOVE learning foreign languages. I learnt English (CET6), Japanese (N2), Hindi. 😊Hello! Bonjour! Ciao! Guten Tag! Hola! Ola! Privet! こんにちは! Namaste! We'll use technology (Python) , many tools , data structure way to help you speed up progress! In this introduction, you will know me about : [1] Experience [2] CLASSGAP Helps [3] Teaching Style [4] Methodology --- How Do I Teach ? [5] Students --- Whom Do I Teach ? [6] Trial Class --- What To Expect? [7] Me --- Who Am I? __________________________ ____ 1️⃣ EXPERIENCE ____ 20 years experience of training my own English, Japanese. 10 years experience in business/trade/work environment. 3 years experience in teaching young kid Mandarin. 10+ happy students so far. ____ 2️⃣ CLASSGAP HELPS ____ If you not familiar with CLASSGAP, you can ask me : how to use it to have lessons, how to buy lessons, how to use classgap classroom BEFORE, DURING or AFTER a lesson. :))) ____ 3️⃣ TEACHING STYLE ____ I'm the most passionate & patient teacher in the world :))) I speak **Fluent English in American accent (5 years in a US company). My teaching styles : 1. Passionate --- All my students told me I'm **very PASSIONATE. 2. Organized --- Students also find my way of presenting content **highly ORGANIZED. 3. Efficient --- I design lesson process, practice methods to **boost LEARNING SPEED to goals. 4. Ask --- I encourage you to ask questions (**curiosity boost memory + find and shorten gap). 5. Talk --- I ignite your passion for oral speaking (**transform words/patterns into **real speaking skill). ____ 4️⃣ METHODOLOGY --- How Do I Teach? ____ 1. Pinyin & 4 Tones --- I'm especially good at teaching Pinyin. Most students get really local accent with me. 2. Character Singles / Components --- All other characters use them to form new characters. You'll lean much faster if learning these first. 3. Utilize Right Brain --- For memorizing efficiency, we'll use methods that utilize visual & imagination to help memorize. Much easier for you. 4. Textbooks --- I hv recommendations. Also, I customize for topics you want to learn. 5. Topics --- Topic is the smallest content unit. You'll master topics for life,work super fast (**thanks to Structured Excel Sheets & we'll keep training talk) 6. Result-oriented --- Based on your "wants", we'll set quantative objectives. EX. 300 words, 20 sentence patterns, 10 topics as 1st milestone objective. Good tools are IMPORTANT !! I developed many tools to help you better **memorize, **train reading, **speak. Helping Tools : 1. Fonts with Pinyin Marking --- Help with Pinyin greatly! 2. Structured Excel Sheets --- You use as DATABASE to manage all words, pattern, grammar, topics in a super structured way. **Helpful to your memory too! 3. Chinese Audio Reading --- An amazing tool that audio read whatever Chinese text. Help with new words and reading greatly! 4. DIY Reading Materials --- I DIY many reading materials fitting a student's level & needs. Picture story books for kids. Articles for adults. **All with Pinyin marking. During my teaching, I also utilize Python programming , and data structure methods to help you learn Chinese. What Information Technology (IT) good at is "dealing with info and data". When dealing Chinese language info, my Python and IT knowledge will speed you up. ____ 5️⃣ STUDENTS --- Whom Do I Teach? ____ 1. Professionals for Business / Trade / Career Purpose: "lean" way of learning to achieve best time ROI --- that's how teach students for their work purpose. For zero basis students, use HSK1 as textbook to help students catch up on basics. Also list business / trade / work occassion topics that a student wants to cover. Then, for each listed topic, prepared vocabulary and sentence patterns as targeted content to learn. For non-zero basis students, we directly start listing work topics that they want to cover in real-world work situation. And then, prepare and learn the topics-oriented content. 2. Kids (Zero Basis) : Kids like more pictures, animations, games to keep their attention. I had experience with kids from 4 to 13. Use 轻松学中文(少儿版), YCT, or 汉语乐园 as major textbooks. 3. Adults (Zero Basis): Use HSK1 as starting textbook to cover Chinese basics. Use my designed system to get through on Pinyin systematically. Bring in topic-oriented content (based on preference of different students). **This'll ignite your great interest in learning. Routine practice time in each lesson - to get more and more skilled on "actual use" of what's learnt words, sentence patterns, topics. 4. Kids / Adults with Middle-Level Chinese: Use HSK2,3 as major textbooks. Bring in topic-oriented content (based on preference of different students). **This'll ignite your great interest in learning. Encourage students to use Mandarin as default language, correct their pronunciation and grammar error in their sentences. I also teach them the correct words to use in particular situations. Develop DIY customizing reading materials with Pinyin marking for students. 5. Kids / Adults with Middle-High-Level Chinese: Use HSK4,5 as textbooks. Develop DIY customizing reading materials with Pinyin marking for students --- train reading comprehension, learn new words. Help students to do more training with presenting thoughts in writing. Encourage students to master more and more topic occassions by learning content for targeted topics. 6. Kids / Adults with Advanced Level: Use HSK5,6 as textbooks. Help students to read books, articles and see movies. Catch up on hard words, terminologies, slangs. Help students to speak more fluently like a native speaker. ____ 6️⃣ TRIAL CLASS --- What To Expect? ____ Trial Class Process : 1. Know each other --- Introduce you. Introduce me. 2. Goals --- What results satisfy you? 3. Status --- Where you stand on Chinese Learning? 4. Arrange --- Talk about learning arrangement. 5. Tools --- Introduce helping tools to use. 6. Regular Class Demonstration --- 15-25 minutes to learn something like a regular class to understand process and how it goes. ____ 7️⃣ ME --- Who Am I ? ____ 🌍 Human --- After all, I'm a human :))) (Not robot behind the text :))). 👦 Still Young --- Young, but not that young. 👨‍👦 Dad --- Dad of a 7-year old boy (Perhaps, you might encounter little Max in a class. He is learning Chinese too.) I like: 1 💪 Work-out (Sports is No.1 approach for me to stay happy) 2 🔊 Chatting (Really enjoy chat - Healing) 3 🥂 Drinking a bit (With Friends/Family - We all need such a break/relax) 4 🎵 Karaoke (Sing songs of different languages). **Learnt many English, Japanese, Hindi songs. :))) 5 📘 Reading+Learning (2022 Focus : Parenting , Logical Thinking , Python) 6 🛹 Playing skateboard (Mood up!) 7 🎞️ Movies (Watched so many) Alright , a question for you --- 3 Months Later - What Results On Learning Will Satisfy You? ▶️ Book a Trial Class , or Drop me a message :))) , tell me about it.

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🏆 Over 5 years of experience teaching online classes

  • Chinese Elementary/A1-2, Intermediate/B1-2, Advanced/C1, Proficiency/C2

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Degree - B.A. Bechalor's Degree In Economics Studying

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Yes, you can cancel booking up to 8 hours before the lesson starts, indicating the reason for the cancellation. We will study each case personally to carry out the refund.

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The class is done through classgap’s virtual classroom. Classgap was developed specifically for educational purposes, including many useful features such as: digital whiteboard, online text editor, webcam, screen sharing and many more. View virtual classroom

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