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🚀Improve in 2 Months! For 👶3~15Y Kids ,💯HSK ,💼Business Learners - DIY 🔊Mp3, 📇Flash Card - Book Trial Now. |Features |||||||| 🔊Ready DIY Mp3 (for you) 📇Ready DIY Flash Cards of Grammar (for you) 📇DIY Flash Cards in Class for New Words (Together) |Will Be Suitable For |||||||| 👶3~15Y Kids , 💯HSK , 💼Business Learners. I help build learning system for you. 🎯Effective , 🚀Efficient , 😍Fun. If I was a student, I 🥰want the lessons to be : ✔️effective; ✔️efficient; ✔️fun. I wou...

🚀Improve in 2 Months! For 👶3~15Y Kids ,💯HSK ,💼Business Learners - DIY 🔊Mp3, 📇Flash Card - Book Trial Now. |Features |||||||| 🔊Ready DIY Mp3 (for you) 📇Ready DIY Flash Cards of Grammar (for you) 📇DIY Flash Cards in Class for New Words (Together) |Will Be Suitable For |||||||| 👶3~15Y Kids , 💯HSK , 💼Business Learners. I help build learning system for you. 🎯Effective , 🚀Efficient , 😍Fun. If I was a student, I 🥰want the lessons to be : ✔️effective; ✔️efficient; ✔️fun. I would 😭hate lessons that I spent big time, but made me: 😭no big change previously; 😭I also can't feel big change next ; 😭boring & less motivated. Learn as you are 🚀flying 🆚 Learn to get 🐌stuck. If you like "learn fast like flying" ------ you need a proven ⚙️system , proven ⛏️methods in place first. 🎯 1 Have you met below roadblock(s)? ---------------------------------------- 1.1 Hard to listen to understand (After long-time learning) 1.2 Limited speaking expression (Although learnt many words,grammar) 1.3 Forget (Always forget what's learnt) 1.4 Improving writing is so hard (Pain for senior learners) 1.5 Can't 1 level up on pronunciation (After many efforts) Well, all about "good system + good methods". You have it. Then, good result. Something wrong ........ in it if it just cannot be effective. Do you agree? :) For each of above roadblock, I've accumulated proven system and methods to help you. A "Very very ⭐good tutor" is very very critical. ------ He or she can bring "very" "very" ⭐good system and methods. Thus, your 💪🏼hardword can be effective. ------ Right? 🎯 2 What we could do to make learning fits you better? ---------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Beginners (Kids) 2.2 Beginners (Adults) 2.3 Learn-for-Quick-Use Learners (Business / Work) 2.4 HSK Learners ( Level 1,2,3) 2.5 HSK Learners (4,5,6 or Higher Self-Plan Learning) Goal, priority, pace, learning content, methods are different for each of listed groups. I'm doubtful of unchanged ways to teach everybody. To kids beginners, 🎯helping them to get sense of confidence in this new learning is too........ important. ------ Make learning process fun and result effective. Imagine : the kid feels he or she is good, and can listen to understand and express some simple communication. He will get real happiness and willingness to move on. They'll want more of that ........ To adults beginners, 🎯learning purpose guides how we set up learning ways. ------ Generally, you'll start with my DIY content covers a small list of vocabulary and 12 grammar points. Why? As long as you master these, you can immediately express a lot. Don't you feel amazing if you can express in short time like 2 months? ------ Trust me, I'll take you to practice "a lot", "a lot". Yes, a lot of practice. ------ My class weighs a lot on "practice". For theory, my well organized vocabulary list, and grammar flash cards will help you memorize them super easily. To business / work purpose learners, 🎯you want to learn for work use immediately. ------ Easy peasy. Logic is very simple : list all topical occasions >> for each topical grouping, list all thinkable expressions. >> break down into words >> then, we'll build flash cards to solve your memory challenge. ------ My good friend chatGPT helps you and me to organize and sum up for topical content amazingly. ------ I'll use python to transform all words and expressions into audio mp3. Utilizing driving time, waiting time, jogging time to repeatedly listen content, your ears get sensitive to content quickly. To HSK 1,2,3 learners, 🎯you pass exams is your wanted result. ------ I ensure you that you'll spend much much less time on the result if learning with me. Why? ------ It is all about memorizing words and grammar first. And then effectively practice your listening and use what's memorize to do the exams right. ------ My flash cards system, DIY hsk1/2/3 mp3, ready made grammar flash cards will make your memorizing efforts painless. I'll introduce listening practice system in later section. To HSK 4,5,6 learners, 🎯you'll need to level up your speaking/writing/reading for actual use purpose ------ you need these results while passing exams. You can have a result for more real-world situation use. I'll need to show you in trial class about how. Then you get feeling. 🎯 3. Which wrong ways to stop? -------------------------------- 3.1 A tutor talks too.....much..... English (Waste listening practice golden time!) 3.2 Everybody starts learning CN characters at beginning (Wrong!) 3.3 Just and only follow textbooks (Chase Textbook Progress) 3.4 Waste big time on useless content (No priority!) 3.5 Poor time with practice (Too much theory!) Stop doing the wrong things fast, then you find the right thing. 🎯4. What to expect from my classes? -------------------------------- In first class, you'll see a big difference in my shown system and methods. After 4 classess, you'll get a up-going feeling that you start believing you'll change even more on Chinese skill. A feeling that "Yeah, effective, and not painful or boring." After 2 months, you'll have achieved an obvious big step on vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking. Plus, you get a system leading to such result. Plus, you get so........ important....... "movitation". To learn well and fast, you'll need strong movitation ------ Fun & Result that I'll bring will build up your motivation. 🎯 5. Writing in the end ----------------------- 5.1 System & Methods deliver "effectiveness & productivity" 5.2 Tutor style deliver "fun, motivated" atmosphere 5.3 Three reason why I can truly help you 5.4 Some examples In trial class, I'll show you structured content systems incl. multiple vocabulary lists, grammar, DIY mp3. ------ I took long time to accumulate them myself. ------ I'll show you multiple methods to achieve listening, speaking, writing results. For each learning goal, we'll have several ways to it. ------ If you're learning just for learning currently, and there is not much system or methods, you should really book my trial class and have a look at something different. I'm a 8-year old boy dad. My son call me "big fun". Yeah, that's in my gene and blood. You'll like it a lot . You'll laugh a lot. :))) Why can I do what I do well ? ------ I mean "help you effectively" to achieve learning goals. 3 reasons : (1) I'm a big fan of foreign language; (2) I got trained a lot for teaching my son Chinese daily; (3) I use python to boost everything. ------ I learnt English and Japanese systematically. And I learnt a bit of kinds of languages too. Just love it. ------ Many of my teaching technology and content accumulated when teaching my son. ------ Language involves information. Programming helps a ton when dealing with information. All my DIY mp3 and many text files : I used python to generate. Some examples : (1) DIY mp3 (Why? What content?) (2) InfoBox.xlsx for you (Why? What content?) (3) DIY grammar point flash cards (Why? What content?) (4) In-class flash cards (Why? What content?) (5) In-class listening/speaking practice (Why? How?) DIY mp3 ----- idea is from "what if you can listen what you just learnt" when driving and waiting time. If you listen for 20 times, what will happen ? :)) For example, for a new word 一起(yìqǐ) in hsk2, I generate script "一起。一起。together。我们一起玩吧。(Let's play together.)". Mp3 read the word twice, then read it's meaning, next an example sentence with English meaning. All the some more than 150 words, I've built the content like this and built them into DIY mp3. Same with hsk1, hsk3, hsk4, ......... , and topical words list. InfoBox.xlsx ------ For each student, I manage a file. We speak a lot in class. I'll type them sometimes to help you understand what I spoke, and to help you learn some new words and patterns. ------ You'll need a database to manage all information. ------ I mark the information in different groups like below listed. It'll be very efficient for you to sort and manage new knowledge. Ex=Expression ExGra=Expression : Grammar ExPat=Expression : Pattern ExTra=Expression : Translation ExNat=Expression : Native (Make you like a native) WoCha=Word : Character WoWor=Word : Word WoPhr=Word : Phrase WoNat=Word : Native (Make you like a native) TesVs=Test : VS to compare TesQue=Test : Question for you to answer For example : WoWor-一起-yìqǐ-Together DIY grammar flash cards ------ Like ChatGPT, human also needs a lot of real-world data to understand a "grammar rule" or "sentence pattern'. ------ I DIY made flash card with more than 10 example sentences (kinds of). And then in the end of the card, there's theory to sum up. ------ I'll send you printable copies. You can easily print and made cards. ------ Spend only 5~10 minutes to review and practice every night, you'll see big progress. In-class flash cards ------ you'll make physical words flash cards in class. Why? (1) It better engage you and you'll more focus during class ; (2) trust me, it's fun ; (3) right after class, you'll have ready cards to review; (4) hand wring once, then memory get more strengthened. (5) compared to prints, don't you like your own cards more? :))) In-class listening / speaking practice ------ First 10-30 minutes, I only speak Chinese with you. Why? ------ Listening get improved only when you listen a lot. You don't have Chinese-speaking environment around you, so we'll make up for that. ------ Depends on your learning level, we'll decide how long time out of 10~30 minutes together. ------ There are a couple of speaking practice, we'll let you experience it one by one in trial class : Pronunciation Practice : I kept all pronunciation issue words in InfoBox.xlsx for you. We'll repeatedly practice them in each class. Speed Practice : We choose some sentence to train like this. It'll helpful to your brain reaction for this language. By the way, I am big fan of movies (watched too many:))). I also like reading, skateboard, gym work-out, try this and that new stuff. Now, I also find fun and sense of achievement by assisting you learn more effectively. 🎯Book a trial ------ 🎯Catch up soon !

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Catherine Zhang
Lukars laoshi is an amazing and excellent tutor! He has a good method and explained everything clearly. I always enjoyed his classes, because he made his classes fun and always has positive energy. I totally recommend him as a Chinese tutor for everyone who want to learn Chinese.
alexis Hartstein
Excellent teacher from China He is really flexible with time He has a really good technique of teaching Chinese He is 100 percent Chinese I highly recommend this teacher to people who want to learn Chinese Also great level of English
Lukars is a good teacher. He is patient and attentive. He motivates you to speak Chinese and he speaks slowly and repeats so you can understand him. I think I will learn a lot of from him.
Ahmed ES
Very friendly
Noah Hui
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JapaneseConversational skills


Degree - B.A. Bechalor's Degree In Economics Studying

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The class is done through classgap’s virtual classroom. Classgap was developed specifically for educational purposes, including many useful features such as: digital whiteboard, online text editor, webcam, screen sharing and many more. View virtual classroom

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