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Almost all Programming languages. Empathic and laid-back. ~20 years in business.

Learn WHY instead of just HOW! 🔴 PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING 🔴 1. Please, if possible, send a short summary of what you want to learn or look at when booking me. I want to come prepared to match your exact needs. 2. If you require a class outside my usual schedule, please contact me directly. I can make almost anything work for people with a completely different schedule. 3. If needed, my classes last up to 75 minutes, using the full extra 15 minutes classgap provides us with before ending t...

Learn WHY instead of just HOW! 🔴 PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING 🔴 1. Please, if possible, send a short summary of what you want to learn or look at when booking me. I want to come prepared to match your exact needs. 2. If you require a class outside my usual schedule, please contact me directly. I can make almost anything work for people with a completely different schedule. 3. If needed, my classes last up to 75 minutes, using the full extra 15 minutes classgap provides us with before ending the lesson. 4. In the very unlikely case that I can not help you at all, I will tell you right away and you won't have to waste any time. 5. For Unity Students: If (legally) possible, please send me your project EXCLUDING the /Library and /Temp folder as a compressed .zip, .rar, or similar file here on classgap. It does help a lot look at the code beforehand and it also saves a TON of time during class. 🔷 ABOUT ME 🔷 My name's Dave, and I wish you a most pleasant day. I'm a dedicated software engineer, game developer and musician who seeks to guide you along your path through the magnificent world of coding - in all subjects and for all levels of skill and individuality. I will ✅ show you how to craft anything you'd like from scratch. ✅ give you the tools and knowledge to solve any challenge on your own. ✅ adapt to any situation, learning type or skill level. ✅ make sure you don't just write the code - but thoroughly understand it. I will NOT ❌ give you a step-by-step tutorial or any half-cooked explanations. ❌ start from the top without explaining the bottom. I have... ▶ close to 20 years of experience, spread around all big programming languages, in private and professional environments. ▶ 12 years of experience in Unity, both professionally and personally. ▶ the patience, insight and understanding to ensure you're fully comfortable. ▶ released several applications, games, websites, engines and libraries - some of which are entirely open-source or available on Steam. ▶ a big love and passion about 'reinventing the wheel'. Which means there's almost nothing I have not tried to accomplish yet. That includes neural-net based AI, libraries, frameworks, low-level programming, completely custom programming languages, chess computers, physics engines, databases, etc. I hope I could spark a little bit of interest. If that is the case, don't hesitate to contact me - I'm looking forward to chat, call or even meet you! Other than that, I want you to enjoy your time and keep on being awesome! 💲 DICOUNTS 💲 For anyone, who for whatever reason, is unable to pay my normal fee (i.e. students or similar), I will give up to a 50% discount depending on topic and amount of lessons you'd like. Just text me.

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  • Computer Programming
    • C#
    • PHP
    • Unity
    • Python
    • Web Development
    • TypeScript
  • Music production
    • Abbleton Live

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Jennifer Massi
David is a coding Guru. I feel as though learned as much from him in 5 lessons as I did in 2 months of school. His lessons incorporate little short-cuts that make coding easier and more enjoyable. He's also very generous with his time and teaches because he truly enjoys doing so, not because he has to. If you're looking for someone who's extremely skilled in the art of coding look no further.
Cool guy
Arne Kränzlein
David is very kind. He asks a lot in order to get a feeling of your level. Even he is very skilled & experienced, he doesn't hesitate to explain the difficult matters in a patient way until you understand what it's about. Was a great experience for the start! Looking forward to learn more from him!
due to some technical problems on classgap, our first lesson stopped abruptly after 30 minutes. kindly, david offered me to switch to another voip platform right away, and we're still talking. on top of that, I got another hour for free! about his teaching style - dave's a great guy and definitely takes his time to explain every little detail you might not understand. He uses lots of different approaches and analogies to make the inner workings of a language, even the computer, crystal clear to you. i am looking forward to our next session
Provides extremely good input. Helps you understand the core of the code.
Soh Jing Kai Sean
The teacher was precise and patient. he also was very fast.
artin majidi
Super professional and informative. David was able to explain the issues and errors I have been having and was able to solve them intuitively. Highly recommend!
Knows what he is talking about, and has a deep understanding of basically anything as long as its related to MINT Stuff. So if you're just looking for somebody to explain you c#, unity or whatever else you need hes your guy. Also very cool dude and very friendly 10/10 would recommend
linda guo
Very kind and speak good english, he knows how to use unity!
Weronika Marciniak
Great lesson!!!! Ready for the next one and can't wait for many more.
Mr Charles Burrows
It was awesome, much like the other lessons with David. He's a guru, explains super-clearly, has tons of patience and is really fun. The 9yr old student loves this lesson especially. Thanks again, David!
Peter Laufer
Awesome guy. Very talented at what he does. Great vibes, I'm glad I came across this legend in my life.
Florian Winkler
I was looking for a teacher to help me understand intermediate to advanced python skills to improve my knowledge and pass my exam for university. I was very self-conscious, but Dave was very patient and now i am confident and am ready for my exam. Thanks again!
Eloy Jose Rodriguez Gunn
Hes very nice and has good standards as a teacher as he prefers for the student to understand the solution to a problem so that they can solve it on their own; he also takes some time of his own to understand your problem to help you even further.
Dave is one of the rare types of teachers who calmly insists not on making your knowledge vaster, but rather your understanding and logical skill. After a 75min lesson, I have learned more details, nuances and inner workings of web development than I have in several weeks. I highly recommend him, not only as a teacher but as a person in general. Also gave me a ridiculously discounted price for my first lesson. Will definitely come back. Cheers!
Leander Steller
Very logic explanations, boolean algebra is easy now
At Least Vision
Although it was a very short talk, I loved david's approach to how he'd guide someone through their journey of programming. I'm already an advanced coder, and I will definitely come back for more complex stuff - Thanks for the free talk!
Very helpful and nice teacher. took a lot of time to thoroughly and understandably explain topics i had a hard time comprehending. Even took an extra 5 minutes after our class to finish explaining how a particular piece of code works.
Sebastian “SW” Wolf
I recently took a coding lesson with David and I was extremely impressed with him. He was patient, knowledgeable, and able to clearly explain complex concepts in a way that was easy for me to understand. The lesson was well-organized and the materials provided were top-notch. I left the lesson feeling confident in my ability to tackle the topic we covered. I highly recommend David as an instructor to anyone looking to learn more about coding (he is also knowledgeable in every common programming language).
Karim El Alaoui
Really good tutor. I highly recommend him!
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Certification Guru (Master) Skill Rating At C# By Microsoft.
Degree Certified Softwaredeveloper (Wifi Austria)
Certification Unity Expert (Forum Hero/Steam Releases/Professional Level)

About me (pictures, hobbies, extracurricular interests...)

music production writing drawing gaming cooking Coding Engineering Electronics Reading Cycling

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Yes, you can cancel booking up to 8 hours before the lesson starts, indicating the reason for the cancellation. We will study each case personally to carry out the refund.

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At the time you select a lesson or package of hours, you will make the payment through our virtual payment service. You have two options:
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• Where are the lessons held?

The class is done through classgap’s virtual classroom. Classgap was developed specifically for educational purposes, including many useful features such as: digital whiteboard, online text editor, webcam, screen sharing and many more. View virtual classroom

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