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2️⃣Months, You See "Obvious Change💯 " | 💪💪I'm Good at--> ✅💲Business/Trade Chinese ✅👶Kids' Chinese ✅💼Work/Industry Topic Chinese ✅🔊Conversational Chinese ✅HSK | ⚡⚡I Hv Magic for--> 🏆Pinyin 🏆CN Characters 🏆Practices | ❓❓How--> My Got System+Tools ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 你好nǐ hǎo 我的wǒ de 新xīn 朋友péng yǒu (Hello=你好 , my=我的 , new=新 , 朋友=friend) Hola! Ola! Ciao! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Privet! こんにちは! I'm Cissy. Born and live in 📌Hangzhou, China. My dream is visit around the ...

2️⃣Months, You See "Obvious Change💯 " | 💪💪I'm Good at--> ✅💲Business/Trade Chinese ✅👶Kids' Chinese ✅💼Work/Industry Topic Chinese ✅🔊Conversational Chinese ✅HSK | ⚡⚡I Hv Magic for--> 🏆Pinyin 🏆CN Characters 🏆Practices | ❓❓How--> My Got System+Tools ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 你好nǐ hǎo 我的wǒ de 新xīn 朋友péng yǒu (Hello=你好 , my=我的 , new=新 , 朋友=friend) Hola! Ola! Ciao! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Privet! こんにちは! I'm Cissy. Born and live in 📌Hangzhou, China. My dream is visit around the world :) - have been to many coutries in EU, Japan, South Africa so far. I 💗Enjoy Teaching Chinese. Especially good at teaching Kids, and Business Chinese. Also 💗Love Developing Learning Tools that help students memorize, practice, learn faster! Keep reading. Will introduce details about : 1> Teaching Experience 2> Teaching Styles 3> Methodology for Learning Chinese 4> Trial Class Expectation 5> About Me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ 1> Teaching Experience ~~~ 1. I've been teaching 2 of my friends for their **work/business** purpose continuously. 2. I've been teaching my 6-year old son Chinese since he was a 1-year old continuously. 3. I've been developing a system & tools for helping students to memorize,practice,learn faster. **Magical Tools** are introduced later on. **Keep reading :) The "Key" for teaching work/business Chinese is "Lean" : * Ensure students can actually utilize "what they learn" for real work * ⏩ boost students' motivation for learning ~~ Sense of Value on Learning. * I have 12+ Year experience in actual business work. My experience helps! Teaching kids is more challenging than adults. I did pretty well. If you are searching for a teacher for your kid, I am the right person: * The "Key" is to make it "Fun" by way of pictures, videos, games. * My son could speak very well when less than 2-year old, much earlier than most kids here. * We hv many kids pictures books with Pinyin to share. ~~~ 2> Teaching Styles ~~~ My students love my styles of being very PATIENT and ORGANIZED. 1. Patient ~~ I'm very very patient. You know, I got a little kid to teach everyday. :) 2. Organized ~~ Being organized makes teaching easy. **Also make your learning easy. Why? Efficiency comes from this! 3. Ask ~~ I always motivate students to ask more. **Wipe out all questions you have. I'm always here to answer. 4. Practice (Don't Fear Mistakes) ~~ "Fail the way to succeed" ~~ speak, write, MAKE MISTAKES, learn from it, IMPROVED ! Trust me! We'll have GOOD TIME and EFFICIENT learning and teaching together! ~~~ 3> Methodology ~~~ You might know OKR ~~ Objective & Key Results. Yes, firstly, we'll do the same ~~ set objectives FOR EXAMPLE : * get skillful in utilizing 200 words + 10 sentence patterns * master speaking for 5 work/life topics * all are high-frequency ones, and achieve them in 2~3 months. With Result Vision, then let's talk about methodology: 1. Reduce Memory Burden ~~ I have magic to help you memorize by less time. 2. Emphsize "More Practice" ~~ I really really take students to train/practice a lot in real using. 3. Utilize Efficiency Tools ~~ I give you amazingly tools that boost learning progress. ⏩ Book a Trial Class : Will introduce details of all the 1. 2. 3. More to mention : * use more ''right brain'' way to help memorize. * reply on ''components'' of characters to help memorize more Chinese Characters. * regular ''summarizing'' on what's learnt recently TO help you RECAP. Suggest students to keep daily OR weekly Routines : * handwring learnt words (5 minutes) --- Good for memory. Also practiced handwriting. * sntence-making (1 setence per day) --- Good for training brain to organize Mandarin to express. * reading (10 minutes) --- Good for memorizing meaning, shape, pronuciation of what's learnt. ~~~ 4> Trial Class Expectation ~~~ Trial Class Purpose : 1. Get to know each other 2. Go to details on above 3. Placement test (**Know Where We Stand Now) 4. Set goals + plan 5. Demonstrate a Regular Class (**Actual New Learning) If end of the trial, we know each other more, you get confident in my methodology, and happy with everything, then we are good to GO FORWARD ! :) ~~~ 5> About Me ~~~ I'm a mum for a 6-year old boy. He is in grade 1 of primary school. Tutoring his Mandarin, Maths is my daily routine after back home from office. I like 📘 Reading, 🔊 Chatting, 🎵 Music, 🎞️ Movies. And most importantly, yummy food. You know, girls like it :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A teacher for kids? A teacher for business Chinese? A teacher to help you solve memorizing challenge? A teacher to optimize your Chinese-learning system to learn faster? 💪💪 I'm the right person !! ⚡⚡ Time is magic. When you spend a lot of time on something, you become good at that naturally. 💗💗 A good motivation is more important than level. You will have a learning process with increasing motivation and happiness with me. ❓❓ A question for you ~~ why you wanna learn Mandarin? for work, educatin OR fun? ▶️ Book a trial - Tell me about it.

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Yes, you can cancel booking up to 8 hours before the lesson starts, indicating the reason for the cancellation. We will study each case personally to carry out the refund.

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At the time you select a lesson or package of hours, you will make the payment through our virtual payment service. You have two options:
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Yes, something unexpected can always happen, so you can change the time or day of the lesson. You can do it from your personal area in "Scheduled lessons" through the option "Change date".

• Where are the lessons held?

The class is done through classgap’s virtual classroom. Classgap was developed specifically for educational purposes, including many useful features such as: digital whiteboard, online text editor, webcam, screen sharing and many more. View virtual classroom

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