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我叫李琳,今年37岁。居住在中国河南省。我2007年本科毕业于华中科技大学,专业是财务管理。硕士毕业于河南财经政法大学,专业财政学,并取得英语六级证书。我的性格开朗活泼。我喜欢运动和音乐。我有三年教小学语文的教学经验。多年的教育教学生涯和生活的磨练,我已逐渐褪去了稚气和青涩,变得成熟而自信。我也在不断的工作中体会到教师这个职业是一个需要更多责任心和细心去完成也真正体会到了“学高为师,身正为范”的道理。在工作中通过自己的努力逐步形成了自己的教学风格,情知互动,寓教于乐,师生相处和谐。利用语文的独特魅力工作中我非常有耐心,我非常擅长教授发音、口语、语法以及写作。我对教汉语很感兴趣,非常喜欢这份工作。我认为教师是一份非常光荣和伟大的职业。我对我的工作认真负责,充满热情。在学习汉语方面,我相信我可以给你极大的帮助。期待与你的见面。在学习汉语方面,我相信我可以给你极大的帮助。期待与你的见面。在学习汉语方面,我相信我可以给你极大的帮助。期待与你的见面。 My name is Li Lin. I graduated from Henan University of Economics and Law and majored in Finance.And obtained the English CET-6 certificate. I love sports and music. I have 3 years of experience teaching Chinese to primary school students. I am very interested in teaching Chinese and love this job. I believe I can do well in this area.

My name is Li Lin. I graduated from Henan University of Economics and Law with a master's degree in finance and obtained a CET-6 certificate. I like sports and music. I have two years of teaching experience in teaching primary school Chinese. I am very interested in teaching Chinese and I love this job. I am serious and responsible for my work and full of enthusiasm. In learning Chinese, I believe I can be of great help to you.


over 3 years of experience teaching online classes

  • Chinese Elementary/A1-2, Intermediate/B1-2, Advanced/C1, Proficiency/C2




Certification Cet-6
Master/Postgraduate Henan University Of Economics And Law And Majored In Finance.

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