What is the most difficult thing about learning French online?

Are you considering taking French lessons online and want to know what is the most difficult thing about learning French online? Would you like to attend the best private French lessons online? Learning a language like French (find out your level of French here) or French is no easy task, especially when you have to learn hundreds of grammatical rules. 

Beyond the individual difficulties, it is true that there are some common aspects of the French language that are more difficult for Spanish speakers to assimilate. Especially if you start with online French classes and you can't ask your questions on the spot. 

It is worrying to know that 9 out of 10 Spaniards don't study languages and we wouldn't want you to be one of them. Although at Classgap we have the best online French tutors, here we tell you what is the most difficult thing about learning French online.

10 tips for your online French lessons

Taking private French lessons online has many benefits. Among them, the possibility of choosing an online tutor that suits you, and improving your French pronunciation. Here are 9 tips for your online French lessons.

Try online French lessons

  1. Choose from among the online tutors: Choose the right tutor for you and book your online lesson at a time that suits you.
  2. Get to know the virtual platform: Learn how Classgap works and the different tools you have at your disposal to learn online.
  3. Check your internet connection: You should check that you have a good signal. Interruptions make it more difficult to maintain attention in the virtual classroom.
  4. Stay away from distractions: Talking about the difficulty of maintaining attention, it is obvious that at home you have many more distractions. Try to create a study space.
  5. Ask your tutor: Even if it's not a face-to-face class, these digital platforms still allow for interaction. He or she will be happy for you to do so. 
  6. Don't be afraid to try: Many people make little progress in learning because they don't take the plunge, especially when speaking. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
  7. Plan your goals: You may want to attend online French classes for work or study purposes. Therefore, you must have a goal to achieve.
  8. Rest is also essential: In any study plan, there must be time for rest. If you take private French lessons online, it is also advisable. 
  9. Have a lot of self-discipline: This will be the key to your success now and always. Be fully involved in everything you do and you are sure to achieve the results you dream of.

How to choose an online French tutor?

If you have decided to take French lessons online with a private tutor on the Classgap platform, you have made the right choice. It's a practical and economical way to improve your French quickly. Here's how to choose an online French tutor.

  • The qualifications of the tutor: The ideal online French tutor should have an academic background that allows them to teach French as a foreign language.
  • The tutor's ability to communicate with you at your level: If you are a beginner, your tutor should be able to explain certain things in your mother tongue or a secondary language.
  • Flexibility of time: You should be able to book lessons easily and at your convenience. Be aware of different time zones to see if the tutor is available.
  • Relationship with the tutor: Learning French should be fun, and your tutor should be motivating. If your tutor helps you in a friendly way, you are more likely to improve your French. 


Choose a French tutor online

How to improve your French pronunciation

You probably dream of speaking like a native French speaker. Well, don't worry because it's all about practice. As we say at Classgap, you don't need to travel or live in another country to learn a language. From the comfort of your own home you can achieve a good level and improve your French pronunciation.

  • Online private French lessons: Yes, we know; it's a no-brainer. Because don't be fooled: to learn to pronounce French properly, there's nothing better than good French classes. If you can opt for this resource, do it.
  • French films: Undoubtedly one of the best techniques for getting your ear used to the French language, acquiring new vocabulary, and learning how to pronounce these new words. Of course, always with French subtitles.
  • French music websites: The advantages of listening to music in French are obvious: you will accustom your ear to the language you are trying to learn, and if you also dare to sing them, you will see how your pronunciation improves in the long run. 
  • Books in French: Acquire new vocabulary, get used to French grammar, enjoy a good read, etc. If you combine it with reading aloud, you will see how your pronunciation will improve. 

Take an online trial lesson

  • Language social networks: Yes, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there are many other social networks. Even language ones, such as Busuu. Most of them are free, and with very good content for learning a new language. 
  • Language apps: Just as there are social networks aimed solely at language learning, there are also apps for your mobile phone. There are many, and many of them are useful. Also to improve your French pronunciation.
  • YouTube: You will know that YouTube is full of numerous channels for teaching in different fields. Of course, also languages. There is no shortage of YouTube channels for learning French. There are so many that it would be impossible to name them all. 
  • French groups on Facebook: Facebook is not only a social network where you can share photos and talk to friends, but it is also used for many other things. But what we like most about Facebook (when it comes to language learning) are the groups.