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The ultimate guide to learn Chinese online

Learning a language has become essential in this highly globalized world. We must go beyond English, we must learn something new and less common, such as Chinese. There are around 1,325 million people in the world who speak this language, do you want to be one of them? Learning Chinese is undoubtedly becoming an essential advantage, it is becoming necessary to be able to stand out from the rest.

Learning this language can be difficult since, at first glance, it hardly has similar features with English. Surely you are looking for tips and tricks that make it easier for you to learn Chinese. The most important thing is to immerse yourself in its culture, history and philosophy. Besides, Chinese is not only spoken in China; Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and many more are some of the countries where you will find native speakers. 

Without a doubt, the best way to learn Chinese is through online classes. At Classgap, you will find a wide range of Chinese private tutors, both native and bilingual. Discover all the advantages of studying Chinese online on our platform. Keep reading to know all the resources you need for your Chinese online private lessons.


Reasons why you should study Chinese

Do you want to study a language and don't know which one? Chinese is the future, in just a few years, China is becoming a world power and expanding all over the world at a great speed. It has begun to make its way into markets that were mainly in the United States, such as social networks. Learning Chinese is a challenge that will personally and professionally benefit you. Here are the reasons why you should study Chinese:

  • It is very important in the employment field: the fact of speaking Chinese can open many doors for you in the business world. With globalization, China is one of the countries that has expanded the most, multinationals are present all over the world and companies maintain relations with different countries. Learning Chinese can give you the opportunity to get a higher workplace position.
  • The Chinese cultural influence: its culture is increasingly spreading around the globe. In your own city, you may find traits of Asian culture such as gastronomy, for example.
  • Challenging: without a doubt, learning Chinese is a challenge. Its writing and symbols make it more complicated for anyone who hasn't been born in a Chinese-speaking country. Therefore, it is a challenge for all those who want to start, once you overcome the first obstacles, you will progress without realizing it.
  • You will meet new people: you may meet people if you go on exchange or because you decide to live there. Meeting people will help you share experiences and grow on a personal level. Expand your circle of friends and learn from them. It's always a good point about knowing more languages.

Chinese culture is very interesting, full of customs that can fulfill all of us. Learning Chinese is the best way to get the most out of the experience. Study Chinese with Classgap's online lessons to introduce you to their culture and immerse yourself in it.

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Tips for learning Chinese

Maybe you don't feel like starting learning Chinese because you think it is a very complicated language and a very difficult challenge to overcome. It is true that learning it on your own is complicated, so the best option is a good online Chinese tutor. If you put your heart into it and practice every day, you will be able to master it.

Here are some tips to get you started with it and become a fan of this so particular and special language:

  • Learn basic words: the first thing we learn when we study a new language is vocabulary. Set yourself a daily challenge, for example, learn 10 Chinese words every day. Step by step, you will gradually increase the number of words you know.
  • Learn to count: another basic language skill is numbers. You can start by learning Chinese numerals. As the previous tip, set yourself a daily goal to reach. You can even mix both goals.
  • Read and write the characters: practice is the essential method to overcome your challenge. Writing the characters daily can help you memorize and improve your skills.
  • Listen to Chinese music or podcasts: this is a good way to focus all your attention on your ear. Listen carefully to the pronunciation so you can practice your own.
  • Watch series and movies in Chinese: another classic for learning a language, as you may know, is watching series and movies in the original version. It will help you with translations and pronunciation.
  • Focus on the language that is relevant to you: sure you want to learn Chinese for some reason - studies? work? Start by studying the concepts that are most related to that field.

The best way to learn a language is with a good private teacher. Study Chinese online with Classgap's online lessons. Learning Chinese is a great way to build your future. Register on Classgap and find your ideal Chinese tutor. 


5 Simple steps to start learning Chinese

Learning a language is no easy task, especially a language like Chinese, which has nothing to do with Germanic languages such as English. It is normal that at the beginning it is difficult to get into the rhythm of learning, but little by little and step by step, you will see how you adapt and progress daily. Keep reading to know some simple steps to follow in order to reach your goal.

  1. Focus on your goal: it seems obvious, but it is very important to be clear about why you are learning Chinese. Your goal is the motivation to keep learning. If we had no goal to reach, we would probably lose the interest and the will to learn.
  2. Immerse yourself: you must surround yourself with Chinese; start by learning little by little, use tools that enhance your training or speak Chinese to yourself. These are good ways to put into practice what you've been learning.
  3. Find a partner: finding someone to share what you are doing is also a way to learn and to keep motivated. A private tutor is a good option, they will guide you and motivate you with your learning through online Chinese classes.
  4. Practice: it is very important that in addition to reading and studying, you put into practice what you are learning. Having a conversation or interacting with someone in Chinese is the best way to know if your language level is increasing.
  5. Enjoy: make the most out of your learning and have fun while you learn. You can play video games in Chinese, do your podcast with a friend in Chinese or draw a comic book in Chinese. You will surely find a way to have fun and learn at the same time.

Remember that the best advice is to take online Chinese lessons with a good private tutor. In Classgap, you will find a wide range of Chinese teachers with whom you can learn according to your personal level. In addition, you can choose what type of teacher you prefer, native or bilingual?


Typical Chinese expressions

You may be afraid of not knowing where to start, and that's totally normal. Chinese is a difficult language to learn, but certainly not impossible. We are going to introduce you to the basic expressions and numbers so that you can start with something simple. You will see that it is not as complicated as you think.

In the following table you will find the basic expressions you should know, how they are in English, their phonetic translation into Chinese and their written form. Are you ready?

English Phonetic alphabet Written alphabet
Thank you xiè xie 谢谢
Hello nǐ hǎo 你好
Goodbye zài jiàn 再见
Good morning zǎo shàng hǎo 早上好
I'm sorry duì bu qǐ 对不起
Help jiù mìng 救命
How are you? nǐ hǎo ma 你好吗
I love you wǒ ài nǐ 我爱你
I don't understand bú tài míng bai 不太明白

Another elementary part of any language is numbers. It is the first thing we usually learn when we study a new language. We will show you the numbers from 1 to 10, when you learn how to use the characters you will see that the rest of the numbers up to 99 are easier to learn.

Number Hanzi Pinyin
0 Líng
2 Èr
3 Sān
6 Liù
9 Jiǔ
10 Shí

Now that you know the numbers in Chinese, do you want to know how they are used in different situations? We explain it to you:

  • To give your phone number: it is important to know that we cannot group them as we do in English (sixty, fourteen...) they must go one at a time. Another key point is that when you refer to the number 1 to give your number, it is not pronounced Yi, but Yao.
  • Your birthday: the year, the month, the date. To give the year you can use only the last 2 numbers of the date. For example, if you are talking about 1992 you can simply say, 92.
  • Counting with your fingers: while we use both hands to count from 6 to 10, they have a technique with which they only need one hand.

Perseverance is the secret: it may seem complicated, but it's all about practice and motivation to achieve your goal of learning Chinese. You will see how easy it is to learn the numbers and you will be surprised how quickly you will be able to use them.


How are online Chinese lessons like

If you are interested in learning Chinese with online classes, here's how Classgap works. The platform brings teachers and students from all over the world together so that they can take lessons. The most important thing is that you choose your ideal tutor within all the options. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is follow the steps below

How does Classgap work?

  1. Book a class through the calendar in their profile.
  2. Some of them have a free trial option, use it to get to know each other and introduce your goals.
  3. Once the class starts you will be able to access the virtual classroom to enjoy all its tools.
  4. When the class is over, don't forget to rate the teacher.

What is the Classgap virtual classroom? It is an online environment equipped with all the tools you’ll need in order to have the best online learning experience. You will find the following features to make your online Chinese class complete:

  • Screen sharing option during a video call
  • Virtual whiteboard to make the classroom more visual
  • Option to share and edit documents at the same time
  • A tool for sharing file links or Youtube links

If you are clear about your goals, find your Chinese tutor at Classgap. In our grid of verified teachers you will surely find the one that best suits you and your needs. Start learning Chinese online today!

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