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Can I get a level certificate in Classgap?

When we decide to learn something new, we do it for different reasons: to improve in the workplace, to grow personally, to undertake a new professional project, to expand our curriculum... and for all of them it is necessary to get a certificate that demonstrates the achievements and the level we have reached at the end of the road. 

Being able to certify the language level you have achieved thanks to online classes will bring you numerous benefits and will open doors that were previously closed to you. 

At Classgap we want to help you to be able to show the world all the progress you have made with your online classes so that you can finally receive the personal and professional recognition you deserve so much. Therefore, whatever subject you are studying, you can obtain a level certificate endorsed by the leading platform in online classes.

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How many types of lesson packs are in Classgap

Before we explain what you have to do to get a certificate for your online classes, it is important to explain the types of online classes you can find in Classgap. You can sign up for 5 different types of online lessons on Classgap:

  • A free 20 minute lesson: we believe that finding the right teacher for you and your goals is the first and most important step, so this 20 minute interview is essential for us. You will be able to get to know your teacher, present your goals and see if you can really achieve them together.
  • A single 60-minute session: this type of class is ideal if you need to clear up any doubts, perfect any aspect of the subject, prepare for a job interview in another language or revise a concept before an exam. If you are satisfied with your teacher and the work you have done, you can always book another lesson.
  • A pack of 5 online lessons: perfect for short-term goals. Maybe you already have some level in the subject and you just want to polish up some concepts that you have forgotten or are struggling to understand. You will have 6 months until your pack of lessons expires and you can spread them out over time as you see fit.

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  • A pack of 10 online lessons: Are you sure you're going all out this time? Take the 10-lesson plan, you'll save on each lesson. You will have time to go deeper into the subject and improve your level, but not enough time to get a certificate to show that you have really mastered and improved your knowledge. If you want to go for it, read on!
  • A pack of 20 online lessons: The ultimate plan for students who have an ambitious goal... but know they will achieve it! With this pack you will save money and you will be close to getting the official certificate that will show the level you have reached thanks to your online classes. Only once you reach 25 hours in a subject you will be able to apply for a certificate to prove your effort in the subject. We are sure that with motivation anything is possible!


6 steps to get a certificate for your online classes

1. Sign up for Classgap: creating a profile on the platform is completely free and very simple. You will have access to hundreds of qualified teachers that will help you achieve all your goals. Fill in your personal details and customise your personal section where you will find all the information about your online training in Classgap.

2. Find your ideal teacher: the list of online teachers is endless. Finding your perfect teacher can take some time, so we advise you to take it easy, it is a thorough job. Look at the time availability of the teachers, filter according to your needs, maybe you want a native teacher... Read their personal description and watch the video that many of our teachers post on their profile. Don't forget to check the comments that other students share on their profile about their experience in online classes, it will be the best guide for your final decision.

3. Book a free trial: as we have already mentioned, many of our teachers offer a free 20-minute online lesson where you can get to know each other in depth. Tell them what you want to achieve with your classes, ask them to tell you more about themselves and their teaching method and see if their personality and way of being can fit with yours, it is important to create a good student-teacher relationship so that the training goes well.

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4. Enjoy 25 hours of learning: all you need is a computer and a good internet connection to do this. Don't forget to follow a study routine and do it from a place where you feel comfortable and without distractions. We advise you to take online classes as a time to dedicate to yourself and your personal growth. Setting short-term goals will help you maintain the motivation you need to reach the 25 hours of classes required.

5. Apply for a certificate : 25 hours is the number of hours you need to get a certificate to certify your work done during the online classes. Having this document will allow you to prove that you have reached a minimum level in the subject thanks to your daily work. To request your certificate all you have to do is access your personal section within the platform and click on the "my classrooms" section, once there you will see "Certification". It is a simple process but if you have any doubts you can consult our customer service team, they will help you to follow the correct steps. 

6. Share it: once you have requested the certificate we will contact you to send you the document and it will be ready to be shown to the world! There is no point in getting a level certificate if you don't show it, share it on your Linkedin profile, add it to your CV or hang it on the wall of your office but use it! 

You know everything you have to do to get a certificate that will help you improve your personal and, above all, professional life. Support your knowledge with the best online learning platform, start today!