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The benefits of online education for kids and teens

The pandemic has created a huge increase in demand for online classes for kids and teens. Health restrictions have made it difficult for us to move around and maintain a more active social life. This has directly affected our children's education, but fortunately, e-learning has allowed education to continue.

Online education may seem, to some people, to be a way of complicating study and learning. It is important to know that teachers have reinvented themselves to adapt to this new methodology so that students get the most out of the knowledge they are taught. Therefore, we recommend that you find the ideal teacher for your kids on Classgap.

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The advantages and disadvantages of online classes for kids and teens

Many people have considered blended learning as a viable option. Schools, universities and institutes have opted for this new modality to continue to carry out their functions. Computer science has evolved a lot over the years, which is why it is becoming easier and easier to enjoy quality online classes.

There are many benefits of online education, here are some of them:

  • Avoiding the transmission of the virus: a year ago, this would not have seemed like a very important advantage, but in the current situation, it is undoubtedly one of the most important benefits of online classes. Preventing your son/daughter from being in contact with as many people as possible is a key aspect in preventing contagion. In the case of teenagers, it is a way of protecting them, as they are the ones who tend to have the most social contacts.
  • Learning to be more independent: online classes not only allow us to learn the subject we want, they also help students to learn how to learn. Students will develop the necessary skills to acquire knowledge more effectively.
  • More resources and greater flexibility: Online classes are totally different from face-to-face classes. There are no students, just a teacher and a blackboard. Technology can provide numerous didactic materials, videos, simulations, forums, etc. All this makes it possible to review content in a more dynamic way, which can be beneficial when studying.
  • Helps relieve the stress of confinement: Focusing on doing something new helps them deal with the stress of confinement, especially if the extracurricular activities chosen include activities that encourage creativity and imagination.
  • Allows for more student-centred learning: online classes are taught by experts with professional and/or academic experience in their field, and the multimedia teaching techniques available allow the experience to be adapted to students with different levels and learning styles.
  • Opportunity for interaction: Virtual classes are often less intimidating than face-to-face classes, students feel more comfortable to participate. The exchange of ideas, discussions or reflections help to enrich learning and better process information. Also, teachers become more accessible in the online environment, with the possibility of interacting with them through different communication channels.
  • More comfortable learning environment: in addition to the comfort of being able to give classes in pyjamas, we must take into account that we do not need to move, deal with traffic... we can combine classes with other tasks.
  • Ease of access: we have many electronic devices with which we can access the classes (Smartphone, Tablet, computer...) and take the classroom with us wherever we go.
  • Wide range of options: you can choose from a wide variety of courses, classes, subjects... that are not yet taught in schools or institutes. 

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Once we have seen the advantages, let's look at some of the disadvantages that online classes can have in the education of kids and teenagers.

  • Increased distractions: being at home means having toys, games or anything that can be distracting at your reach. In online classes it is easier for students to be distracted. Noise and space are the main disadvantage, so you have to find the best place to take the classes.
  • They do not socialise as much as in class: although it is a disadvantage, in the situation in which we live, this can be a benefit for everyone, as you avoid contact with other people and therefore contagions.
  • The development of adolescents: contact with other people is very important for them. Relating with their friends is important for the development of their identity, as this is formed thanks to their feeling of belonging to a group.
  • Demotivation of students: video calls in which the teacher explains the lesson to a large number of kids or adolescents will make it difficult for all students to participate. This makes the children, at certain moments of the explanation, totally disconnected and not listening to the lesson at all.

School is a place for students to learn and socialise. In online classes it is more difficult to establish personal links. Nowadays, we have been forced to make greater use of video conferencing platforms where we can make distance learning a little closer. To strengthen the bond you should look for the most personalised learning for your children.

5 things you need to know if your child is taking online classes

If you are thinking about signing your children up for online classes, we are going to give you a push. All parents are afraid of their children surfing the Internet on their own. This excuse no longer works, because the devices have parental control options so we can establish where we want our children to access and where we don't. Haven't we convinced you? Don't worry, I'm sure that with the following points you won't have any doubts about which is the best option for educating your children:

  • Flexitime: this may affect you as a parent more than your children. You probably get off work and have to rush to pick them up and take them somewhere else. Well, with online lessons that's over, you will have the possibility to choose the time of the classes and your children can enjoy them from home. 
  • More effective sessions: if your child needs revision classes, look for a good online tutor. On platforms such as Classgap, the teachers are verified and also give classes from the platform's virtual classroom, so their training will have many more resources.

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  • The cost of the classes: this is one of the things that usually generates the most interest. The education of children is priceless, but it is always good to be able to save a little. Online classes are usually cheaper than face-to-face classes, as you avoid the teacher charging you for travelling to your home, or you save time and money by not having to travel to theirs.
  • All the resources available: on a single device such as a computer, your child will have access to many resources available on the internet. In addition, they will be able to take advantage of interactive resources to complement their online training.
  • They will be more independent: they are alone in front of a screen, even if you are close by to help them, they are aware that they must try to find the solution to their problems on their own. Don't put pressure on your child, every student has a different learning pace.

Are you convinced by our arguments? If so, don't hesitate to register on our platform. Search and find your ideal remedial teacher for your children.

6 tips to keep your children interested in online lessons

Children require almost constant attention during an online class, but the tutors are on a screen, so you'll have to find another way to make it work. How do I do it? Very simple, we are going to give you here 6 tips that you should follow so that your children get the most out of online classes for kids:

1. You should look for classes adapted to your child's age.

When they are young, there is a huge difference between face-to-face and virtual classes. Kids need to move around the classroom, get out of their chairs, go to the blackboard..... This is difficult to combine with online classes. Therefore, if your child is young, you should always look for short classes, the duration will depend on his or her age. If the student is under 8 years old, this class should not last longer than 40 minutes, as the child will stop paying attention.

2. Learning by playing:

Classes have to be well structured, they should have a theoretical part, which is very important, but they should always have practice and games. The main reason is that children should enjoy the training and motivating them with games is the best way to keep them paying attention to the online class.

3. What kind of exercises?

Everything depends above all on the subject and the age of the students. The activities should not be too long, as children quickly get bored and stop paying attention to the game. A maximum duration of 5 minutes is the most appropriate. In order to introduce the practical part in a gentle and calm way, you should start with a more relaxed game and gradually increase the intensity of the activity.

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4. Discover new resources.

With the new technologies, they will be able to enjoy each and every one of the games available on the internet. Be careful! Even if they have access to a wide variety, not all of them are educational, nor do they fit in with the training they receive in class. It's time to delve into the games and find out which ones are the most educational for your little ones.

5. Find the perfect location for lessons.

Online lessons are done from home, so children have a lot more distractions at their disposal. What should you do? We advise you to find a good, distraction-free place where you can set up your children's study area. If you have more than one child and they are not going to have the same class, it is better if they are separated, to avoid disturbing each other.

6. Enjoy the breaks.

We don't seem to value break time and, especially if they are young children, this time is just as important as class time. If we don't let them switch off in their free time, they will switch off during lessons, so they won't pay attention and waste time. Remember that it is very important that they rest their eyes from screens. If they are at home, suggest games that do not require any electronic device.

It is important to remember that not all content or skills can be taught online. Online learning is a good complement to the traditional learning process, leading to greater diversity among students. These processes must be developed and combined in the most effective way to achieve the best results.


Online classes for kids and teens at Classgap

With all the arguments we have given you, there is no doubt that online classes are the best option for educating children and teenagers. If this is clear to you, sign up to Classgap. Our platform will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of online classes for children and educate your little ones in a safe way.

How it works

Do you want to know how Classgap works? It is very easy to use, just follow these steps:

  • Once you have registered, you will have access to the grid of teachers of the subject you want.
  • Use the filters to select what you are most interested in: the price you want to pay, the timetable you want...
  • Once you have found the one you like the most, you can book the class. Many teachers have a 20-minute free trial, so take advantage of it and present your objectives to see if they are the right person to help you educate your children.
  • Once the class is over, you can leave a comment about the class, this way you will help other users who are interested in the same teacher.

On our platform, we have integrated all the functions and tools you need for your online tutoring into one virtual classroom: 

  • You can share your screen during video calls to have visual support throughout the class to facilitate learning.
  • The teacher can share documents, presentations, Excel, etc. with you. 
  • You can use the virtual whiteboard to explain those concepts that are not entirely clear.
  • Includes a link option to share audio files, videos and YouTube links. 
  • The built-in chat will facilitate communication between the two of you from within the platform.
  • If you need anything or have any doubt you can access the Help or Customer Service section and we will try to solve it.

What are you waiting for? Register in Classgap and find the best online teacher for your children, so that the adventure of learning never stops!