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Cours particuliers de Néerlandais en ligne

$17 /h 20 min d'essai



Marije A.



Bonjour, je m'appelle Marije. Je suis un professeur néerlandais diplômé, avec plus de 15 ans d'expérience, dont 3 ans d'enseignement en ligne. J'aime ...

$10 /h 20 min d'essai



David G.



Bonjour, je m'appelle David et je propose des cours de néerlandais et d'anglais. Je vis actuellement en Equateur même si je suis né et j'a...

$15 /h 20 min d'essai






Hey there! My name is Tinika and I study English and Dutch at the college for teaching in Suriname, named the IOL. Apart from that, I know and speak both Dutch and English natively. I live in Suriname, where Dutch is our Native language, and grew up English-speaking, which explains my fluency in English. With my knowledge, good speaking skills, and knowing how to properly communicate with others, a teaching career seems like the right career for me to pursue. As a teacher, I am more focused on helping my student(s) achieve their goal as best and quickly as I can. Therefore your suggestions will be more lesson material than mine are. Book a trial lesson, and let's get started! :)

$11 /h 20 min d'essai

Nouveau Professeur


Lotta E.



Hi there, We are with the two of us, mother and daughter. Our names are Marianne and Lotta. We are here to help you learn Dutch. We are native Dutch speakers and we're really excited to help people learn more about our language. I (Marianne) have a lot of official teaching experience, I used to give lessons to illiterate and teach them how to write, speak and read. On the other hand there is me (Lotta) I have a lot of informal experience with tutoring youth and we both like giving unique, creative and usefull lessons. Important to us is understanding your needs. So we can help achieve the goals you set for yourself. By talking and listening to each other we're going to find out what you need to learn Dutch the nicest and easiest way. Let us know your interests, things you're passionate about and how you stay motivated so we can build from there on. Don't worry if you don't know where to start, that's where our experience comes in. We know exactly how we can increase your vocabulary, get familiar with the sentence structure and make you feel more confident while speaking Dutch. We are flexible with our teaching times so feel free to message us for a different time to learn Dutch. We hope to hear from you soon!

$11 /h 20 min d'essai

Nouveau Professeur





Hello! My name is Fieke and I am a passionate teacher with 10+ years experience teaching English and Dutch in schools around the world (England, Kazakhstan, USA, Caribbean, Amsterdam) My focus lies in ensuring that you enjoy learning, build confidence in your abilities and are involved in your educational journey. I aspire to take learning beyond the standard methods, through exploration and discovery, providing you with opportunities to connect your learning to real life situations. As a practising artist, my creativity has proven to be beneficial in planning engaging and fun activities.

$23 /h 20 min d'essai

Nouveau Professeur





Hi!! My name is Helen and native Dutch. I have more than 17 years experience of teaching my native language online. For beginners I like to use a book as a reference, we start by introducing ourselves, and we practice pronunciation and the basic grammar rules. If you already have some knowledge of the Dutch language, we will discuss together how to proceed. Some students would like a book, other students would prefer to use a newspaper or magazine. My classes focus on the student and all classes are tailored to the needs and interests of the student. Teaching is not just a job for me, it is something I love to do. If you want to know how it works, book a free 20-minute trial lesson.

$21 /h 20 min d'essai



Paul V.



Je suis un professeur natif et certifié d'une famille mixte. Mon père parle néerlandais et ma mère est anglaise. J'enseigne également l'allemand et le...

$13 /h 20 min d'essai

Nouveau Professeur


Arnaud L.



Je suis enseignant/formateur en langues étrangères et donne des cours du soir,des cours en entreprise,ainsi que dans des grandes écoles...

$20 /h 20 min d'essai






Utilizo el método Contact para lengua extranjera. Entrego material para estudiar y los audios. La clase incluye escuchar, grammatica, ejercicios, conversar. Además busco links de interés, articulos o videos según el interés y las necesidades de cada persona Mis alumnos aprenden mucho, y nos divertimos. Mis servicio se extiende hacia afuera de las clases, me pueden contactar entre las clases y los comparto información interesante que encuentro en relación a sus intereses. Soy ingeniero con mucha experiencia gerencial en empresas, entonces puedo dar clases en empresas a profesionales y ejecutivos en su ámbito. Además agrego elementos de mis clases de canto para la pronunciación y de coaching cuando surjan. Además agrego información sobre Holanda que busco segun las necesidades del alumno.

$31 /h 20 min d'essai



Adriaan J.



Hola, doy clases de holandés y español para principiantes, nivel avanzado y conversación. Larga experiencia con alumnos de muchas edades diferentes y procedentes de muchas partes del mundo..

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