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over 3 years of experience teaching online

  • Maths
    Basic Math Elementary sc., Middle sc., High sc. / Sixth form, University
    Calculus Elementary sc., Middle sc., High sc. / Sixth form, University
    Geometry Elementary sc., Middle sc., High sc. / Sixth form, University
    Algebra Elementary sc., Middle sc., High sc. / Sixth form, University
  • Physics
    Physics (Mechanics) Elementary sc., Middle sc., High sc. / Sixth form, University
    Basic Physics Elementary sc., Middle sc., High sc. / Sixth form, University
    Thermodynamics Elementary sc., Middle sc., High sc. / Sixth form, University



EnglishConversational skills


Degree - B.A. Ingeniero Mecánico


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Ingeniero mecánico con experiencia laboral en tutoría online, investigación académica, diseño y mantenimiento mecánico. Me considero un tutor muy dinámico y habilidoso cuando se trata de utilizar el enfoque indicado para dar entender ya sea un fenómeno físico o una teoría científica. Profundizo temas o hago práctico el contenido, según sea la necesidad del alumno. Toma tus 15 min. de asesoría gratis y aclara tus dudas. Nos vemos en el Aula Virtual.

Mechanical engineer with work experience in online tutoring, academic research, design and mechanical maintenance. I consider myself a very dynamic and skilled tutor when it comes to using the indicated approach to understand either a physical phenomenon or a scientific theory. Deepen topics or make the content practical, depending on the need of the student. Take your 15 min. of free advice and clarify your doubts. See you in the Virtual Classroom.

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Fútbol Matemáticas Física Dar clases


Alejandro Alvis
4 reviews
100% Recomendable, me ayudo mas de lo necesario para entregar un trabajo, explica todo muy claramente y conciso.
Miguel Angel Molina Martín
2 reviews
Totalmente recomendado, me ayudo en todo lo que necesite. Muy buen profesor.
5 reviews
La ayuda del profesor fue excepcional!!! Muy atento y responsable. Siempre se mantuvo en comunicación conmigo.
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Frequently Asked Questions

• Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, you can cancel booking up to 8 hours before the lesson starts, indicating the reason for the cancellation. We will study each case personally to carry out the refund.

• How do I pay for the lesson?

At the time you select a lesson or package of hours, you will make the payment through our virtual payment service. You have two options:
- Debit / Credit
- Paypal
Once the payment is settled, we'll send you an e-mail with the booking confirmation.

• Can I modify a booking?

Yes, something unexpected can always happen, so you can change the time or day of the lesson. You can do it from your personal area in "Scheduled lessons" through the option "Change date".

• How does a lesson at Classgap happens?

The class is done through classgap’s virtual classroom. Classgap was developed specifically for educational purposes, including many useful features such as: digital whiteboard, online text editor, webcam, screen sharing and many more.