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Articles and tips to become the best online teacher

Online tutoring: all you need to know

  Online tutoring is getting more and more popular: it is the perfect solution when you want to share knowledge and be autonomous and free at the same time. Online private lessons has many advantages and the demand for this market is increasing every day thanks to the new technologies. Nowadays, it is even possible to earn a living by being an online private tutor.   Here is our guide and everything you absolutely need to know about I...
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How to set the prices for my online classes?

  You finally decide to embark on the adventure of online teaching, what a great news! the problem you may be facing now is: how much should you charge for an hour of class? This is not easy, you do not want to be above the average because you still want to get students coming for your service, but not too bellow either because you need to make a profit. Here are some useful pieces of advice to know how to price your online course. A few ...
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Why should you become an online tutor?

You are a teacher? A student? An expert on a specific topic? You would like to share a knowledge? Earn a bit of money? Or simply retrain and become independent? Then, distance private lessons are made for you!  But first and foremost, being an online private tutor, what does it mean? If you want to become an independent teacher and you decide to do it on the Web, all you need is a computer, an internet connexion and a webcam. Finding stude...
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